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Energize and inspire your guests with the Retail Doctor's awe-inspiring keynotes speeches.

The Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs offers several customizable and highly sought-after presentations that are sure to motivate your audience and equip them with life-changing advice that they can instantly apply.

Going beyond customer service, Bob will give your dealers the tools to compete in today’s rapidly changing retail market. Download his speaker packet here.

Bob Phibbs
Empowering strategies backed by proven success.

Motivate your sales team for success!

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor offers nine customizable speeches that will captivate, motivate, and transform individuals aiming for success, no matter their personal and professional circumstances.

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What Meeting Planners Are Saying

“Keeps The Energy Going While Delivering Meaningful Content”

“Bob’s highly visual presentation style keeps the energy going while delivering relevant, meaningful content.”

Kristin Firrell, VP | Paul Mitchell

“Become Energized About Selling”

“Bob was fantastic! If you are a retailer looking for an amazing speaker to help your stores increase their sales, relate to the customer, and become energized about selling, Bob should be top of your list.”

Todd Gill | Calphalon

“He Understands What Our Dealers’ Challenges Are”

“We’ve hired Bob for several presentations. He’s worth the money because he understands what our dealers’ challenges are and comes up with solutions that are easily understood and grounded in fact, not generalities. As one participant said, ‘He was the best presenter because he was open to address my challenges, not just challenges in general.’

Our attendees rated Bob as the best speaker at our last event and requested him for the next event too. So we are bringing him back – to the same audience – for the third conference in a row! That has never happened before.

Bob is a real pro and a pleasure to do business with.  I highly recommend him for any event!”

Kevin Langdon | Apple Specialist Marketing Corporation

“Bob Did His Homework Prior To The Seminar”

“What impressed me about Bob was his ability to connect with our audience of Star Motorcycle dealers. He did his homework prior to the seminar and his research paid off as he was able to explain concepts that hit home with our dealers. Bob has a laid back style that allows him to show his knowledge of retail while the audience laughs and enjoys the training. After Bob’s presentation you realize you had fun but you also have key take-aways that you can implement to make a difference in your business. I would definitely recommend Bob, he understands retail and brings to the table real business concepts that can be turned into actionable items.”

Joe Dagley | Yamaha

“Best event they ever attended”

“People were raving about your presentation! Everyone said this was the best event they ever attended of any manufacturer!”

Dean Shulman, SVP | Brother International

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