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5 Pitfalls of DIY Retail Sales Training in Your Store

While I love to speak to retailers and provide retail sales training for how to sell better in their stores, I have another passion - fixing up...

Retail Is Not Dead – Sharing True Stories of Hope For Retail Stores

Looking for how to find hope for your retail business? You’ve come to the right place.

Reopening Retail Stores - Tell Shoppers What’s Changed Before Arrival

By the end of today, 43 states are expected to be reopening retail stores  even if only for curbside pickup. 

How Retail Sales Training Can Be Available to Remote Employees

When you have just one brick and mortar store, it can be easy to deliver a training program in-person. You either train the sales associates on...

It’s Up To Retailers To Destroy The Doom and Gloom Narrative

I'll get to what you can do about gloom and doom retail shortly but I want retailers to understand what is going on...

The Quagmire of Reopening Retail Stores And Rebuilding Trust

While many retailers are focused on just getting their stores open, there is a lot of work that must be done to rebuild shoppers’ trust....

10 Reasons To Be Optimistic About Retail After COVID-19

When major league baseball players return to their fields, that will be a huge marker of the beginning of the return to normalcy after COVID-19.

It’s Time To Embrace The Virtual Retail Salesperson

Retail stores are closed.

How Will You Embrace The Great Coronavirus Retail Reset?

What we do as retailers now will determine what retail looks like in the future. We as consumers are hitting the pause button because of the...

How to Retail During COVID-19

I know I have a range of business owners with their own perspectives about the coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Some are scoffing at all the...

Retailers: How To Deal With Coronavirus

How to deal with virus outbreak? Most retail store manager training includes have to have sales meetings but when was the last time you talked...

Retail Trends: 10 Must See Retailers You Must Visit In New York City

When coming to New York, retailers should study what’s new in Manhattan. You can see technology, merchandising, retail trends, and customer...

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