"My Only Regret Is That We Didn't Do It Sooner."



On Site Retail Sales Training

A radical revolution in on-site retail sales training

Put 30+ years of retail success to work for your brand.

“If I hadn’t been there to witness it myself, I wouldn’t believe it.”
Anissa Burell-Butler, Tru Vue
Have Bob Personally Train Your Team

Close more sales in your stores with an on-site training from The Retail Doctor himself.

Trying to grow conversions of lookers to buyers in your stores?

Tired of watching shoppers walk out your front doors with nothing in their hands?

Wondering how to increase retail sales to compete with the online bandits?

You've come to the right place!

And no, the answer isn't some old-fashioned idea of ABC: Always Be Closing. Phibbs shows how sales are most often lost much earlier in the interaction because the customer for your luxury brand, service or product simply doesn’t trust you. It's the system he perfected to get the highest increase in sales from the number one mall in America and one he's used hundreds of times to lift retail sales and conversions.

Wouldn't you like your associates to be trained by someone who has mastered moving retail from a transaction to a relationship? Of course you would...

There's no better way to train your retail staff than our customized on-site sales training workshops. We specialize in creating custom-tailored learning experiences that use small group exercises, role-plays, and other interactive segments to drive observable and measurable changes in sales behavior.

Close more sales
Close more sales
Close more sales
Close more sales

No amount of closing tricks, gimmicks, or techniques are going to be shared by Bob. In fact, this retail sales training with the Retail Doctor himself will teach you quite the opposite and with good reason. 

Those old techniques just don't work... 

Learn what really matters. Humans meeting other human beings.

Once your staff can model that and engage strangers to become trusted advisors, you can really sell your merchandise or services. 

Hire Bob as a Sales Trainer, then continue to sales greatness by incorporating his interactive online training SalesRX for your team.

On-Site In Person Retail Sales Training

Customer service doesn't complete the transaction - selling your merchandise does. But what does it take to train veteran employees as well as newbies? The secret is a three-step process:

  • How to engage the stranger
  • How to discover the shopper
  • How to make a customer

Product information only goes so far. If your employees can't build enough rapport with the shopper, they'll never be able to spout all the product features and benefits. Bob teaches the soft skills that help an associate open their heart to a stranger. 

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