“Wondering how to help your dealers create kick-butt displays that move product quickly?"

Visual Merchandising for Sales

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, will let you in on the secrets to successful display.

Fact #1: End displays, window signs, and impulse items at the counter can be your silent salesperson for driving sales.

Fact #2: Most retailers are terrible with a capital ‘T’ at visual merchandising.

Enter Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, with his Fortune 500-proven, Midas touch-inducing knack for turning ho-hum displays into cash machines. Bob takes you beyond a single display to identify key visual merchandising skills every retailer needs. Gone are the days of hearing: “Where do you want me to put this display?”

You will learn how to improve traffic patterns in your store and enchant the eye of the beholder to the exact product you want to see fly off the shelf. Get ready to turn your forgettable, clearance sale-doomed display product into THE can’t-miss merchandise of your store.

Enchant the eye of the beholder, and close that elusive sale.

Your products are all screaming buy me at once. Unless you focus a shopper's attention with the right display in the right area, they'll feel overwhelmed and move on to another retailer who displays a focused approach to the merchandise and makes buying easy. Not work.

Discover how to craft a retail merchandising plan with this comprehensive primer

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Bob’s speech will give you the confidence to create show-stopping displays by identifying which products to display in the first place. Solve the age old question, Where do you want me to put this? and understand how traffic patterns can make or break a best seller. 

Bob’s speech

During this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to identify and improve traffic patterns in your store.
  • How to easily merchandise your store.
  • How to apply lessons learned from viewing real-life examples.

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