“How we master the space between our ears is at least as important as how we master our stores.”

Yesterday’s Gone:
Thriving in Your Store Today

Bob reveals how the energy in your store can determine sales outcome.

Industry unknowns don’t have to be stressful, as long as you’re properly equipped to stare down these demons and watch them blink first.

This is a great end-of-convention speech, especially for audiences familiar with Bob.  Mindfulness and setting the expectation for a great day have everything to do with being successful in retail.  This session shares practical tips for how to end and start your day as well as an interactive exercise where we build a positive energy shield.

Quite simply, unless you create a positive energy in your store, your employees will bring in their own, which often translates to low energy for shoppers who walk through your doors.

Bob reveals how the energy in your store can determine sales outcome.

"I really admire Bob's courage in going beyond what most people teach. He didn't just talk about how to greet customers and how to make our business better. He taught us how to improve the energy level and ways/reasons to encourage us and our staff to be positive from the moment we enter the store. He also spoke about the importance of our vision and how to grow beyond allowing our time to be consumed by the small talks like fixing a broken cash register. I have pages of notes!"

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