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The Retail Doctor offers three training options designed to give your employees the tools to succeed:

Sales RX Virtual Online Training

SalesRX is a web-based interactive training and communication technology that helps develop and maintain a highly skilled staff from top to bottom.

Live Retail Sales Training

Retail sales training with the Retail Doctor himself! Bob teaches your sales staff what really matters: humans meeting other human beings. A more one-on-one approach focuses on building trust between salespeople and customers.

On-Site Business Consulting

On-site business consulting provides you with a holistic, ground-up overview of your entire retail environment. Whether it’s a one-day checkup or a multi-day overhaul, the Retail Doctor provides you with everything you need to realize the full potential of your business.


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"Working with The Retail Doctor was an extraordinary experience. He quickly grasped my businesses' needs and concerns. Bob had immediate suggestions for improvement for my 8 stores that were easy to implement and cost effective. His focus on customer centric sales experiences has already helped our team learn to connect with our customer on a higher level. Our staff is now earning trust and thus increasing sales. I look forward to ongoing work with Bob as we strive to double our retail footprint. I believe The Retail Doctor has the knowledge and experience to help us achieve that long term goal."


Naples Soap Company