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Retail Podcast 508: Jill Renslow How The Mall of America is Coming Back

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jill Renslow, senior vice president of marketing and development at the Mall of America about how the Mall is coming back...

Retail Podcast 507: Patric The Laundry Guy is Cleaning Up Retail

Bob Phibbs interviewed Patric Richardson, aka The Laundry Evangelist, on the power of branding, events, and being authentic.

Retail Podcast 506: Patricia Fripp How to Win More Customers

Bob Phibbs interviewed a true presentation skills expert, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, a Hall of Fame award-winning speaker, a sales trainer, and...

Retail Podcast 505: James Rhee: Stories of Kindness, Math, Mindset Shift and Trust

In this episode, Bob Phibbs talks to Impact Founder, Investor, CEO, and Educator James Rhee about his journey in retail, investing, teaching, and...

Retail Podcast 504: Martin Lindstrom Branding, Tribes, and More

Bob Phibbs interviewed branding and culture expert Martin Lindstrom, one of TIME Magazine's "World's 100 Most Influential People."

Retail Podcast 503: Peter Cohan How Retailers Are Winning Back Customers

Bob Phibbs interviewed Peter Cohan: management consultant, startup investor, business strategy professor, book author, and columnist for Forbes...

Retail Podcast 502: Verizon and A Call For Kindness

Bob Phibbs chats with Steve Van Dinter of Verizon and Neil Ryan of Wireless Zone during the launch of Verizon's A Call For Kindness Project.

Retail Podcast 501: Mike Sheldrake Stories of Independent Success

Bob Phibbs interviewed Mike Sheldrake of Sheldrake Coffee Roasting in Belmont Shore, CA, on mastering the fundamentals of managing any retail...

Retail Podcast 416: DeAnna McIntosh on Brand Diversity Strategies

Bob Phibbs interviewed DeAnna McIntosh, Global Retail and eCommerce Consultant at The Affinity Group International. In this episode Bob and DeAnna...

Retail Podcast 415: Paraic Mulgrew on Innovation in Specialty Games Retailing

Bob Phibbs interviewed Paraic Mulgrew, Co-Owner of Knight Watch Games. In this episode Bob and Paraic talked about how retail can intersect with...

Retail Podcast 414: Ionut Vlad on Increased Brand Visibility Through Movement

Bob Phibbs interviewed Ionut Vlad of Tokinomo. In this episode Bob and Ionut discussed a unique concept for positioning merchandise and increasing...

Retail Podcast 413: Ben Rodier on Relationship Building with Clienteling

Bob Phibbs interviewed Ben Rodier, CCO at Salesfloor. In this episode Bob and Ben discussed how clienteling is growing and how brick and mortar...

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