What If You Could…

  • Be fully prepared to lead your marketplace in the new retail surge for 2021…
  • Restore your sales volume to pre-COVID-19 numbers…
  • Achieve the same level of pre-pandemic cash flow without doing anything extreme…
  • Completely recoup your lost sales from Q1 and Q2 2020…
  • Start seeing double-digit sales increases every month…
  • Improve your customer service, generate more sales, and set a clear, compelling vision for the future that your team will love…
  • Have the best trained retail team in your industry…

That won’t happen by accident. You need a solid plan of action. You need world-class retail sales training.

SalesRX is the #1 retail sales training program in
the world built by the world’s leading expert on retail sales: Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor. That’s me.

Meet Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor and Creator of the SalesRX Training Experience

Now that many stay-at-home orders have lifted, you'll have to do more than simply wait on shoppers, you'll have to care for them.

That's because shoppers aren't going to run out and shop. That's especially true with the second wave working around the world.

Those shoppers who do visit your store will expect more. You'll have to create a remarkable connection with any shopper.

Unless you double-down on customer experience, you'll be looking at piles of merchandise waiting to be sold.

Luckily, you've found SalesRX! Reach your full sales potential and lead your industry with eye-popping numbers.

Get access to SalesRX right now starting at only $195 per month.

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How does it work?

Managers watch 2-3 lessons (about 15 minutes) per day to get up to speed. Roughly three weeks later they hold an employee meeting. After that, employees watch just a few lessons (about 15 minutes) per week while managers use role-play to practice the skills taught.

How long does it take?

An average associate takes about 3 months to successfully complete the Foundational coursework. The Advanced coursework takes an additional 2 months. There are no long term contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

SalesRX Has Helped Hundreds Of Brands Achieve Sales Success

SalesRX is unlike any other online retail sales training program: it works.
What’s Included With SalesRX?

"Our conversion rate doubled."

Photo of Garret Cleversley
Garret Cleversley

Mac Solutions

"It is such a relief to find a program that is tailored for employees especially with regard to the "bite-sized" learning approach. It sounds obvious but the quick lessons make all the difference."

Photo of David Byron
David Byron

“Bob's SalesRX training system will inspire your employees into doing the right thing. After my employees took the training my company was named Retailer of the Year by the Alabama Retail Association.”

Photo of Mike LeCroix
Mike LeCroix

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Small Shops

Best value

Starting at


$1,950 annually

+$195 one-time setup fee


90+ Interactive Lessons Covering Retail Sales Training and Hiring


1- 5 Users


Train-the-Trainer Lessons


Employee Progress Monitoring

Ten employee example: N/A

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Medium Size Retailers

Best value

Starting at


$3900 annually

+$195 one-time setup fee


90+ Interactive Lessons Covering Retail Sales Training and Hiring


10-39 Users


Train-the-Trainer Lessons


Employee Progress Monitoring


Customize Your Training Portal With Your Own Pictures

Ten employee example: $390

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Larger Retailers

Best value

Starting at


$11, 750 annually

+$195 one-time setup fee


90+ Interactive Lessons Covering Retail Sales Training and Hiring


40+ Users


Train-the-Trainer Lessons


Customize Your Training Portal With Your Own Pictures


We Can Upload Your Own Product Training Directly Into SalesRX

Ten employee example: N/A

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SalesRX’s monthly training program has no minimum commitment, so you can cancel anytime. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your SalesRX purchase in the first 72 hours, you’ll get back every penny you paid - no questions asked.

What do you get from SalesRX? Hear direct from our customers

For the Sales Leader Frustrated and Lost

Is your sales team setting a new record of futility? Spoiler alert: you can’t fire all of them because most of their deficiency is tied to your leadership.

You need the SalesRX training program to transform your underperforming or even mid-level sales team into a sales accelerator. The SalesRX “Train the Trainer” experience helps you retain the right staff, make better hires, and create the customer service momentum you need to thrive in your industry.

We put you back in control of your team’s performance and accountability for the future.

What’s Included With SalesRX?

SalesRX offers a complete library of retail sales training and team accountability.

With your subscription you get:

  • Personalized onboarding to ensure you get a great start. You'll feel confident your system is set up correctly with face-to-face onboarding with a certified SalesRX team member. We encourage you to ask any question you have about how to find success with SalesRX in your specific store with your unique team.

  • The virtual Personal Coach is positioned to help you stay on track with your goals, accountable to the SalesRX process, and in your everyday conversations, you'll know what to do next. You’re busy enough as it is - the virtual Personal Coach does all the planning for you with a daily SalesRX lesson.

  • Reporting features so you know exactly how well your staff is paying attention to the interactive lessons. Get real-time insight as to any employee’s progress through the SalesRX training experience. 

  • Real-life role play exercises for every SalesRX skill. You’re getting live ‘at bats’ to take the training out of the computer and onto the sales floor. 

  • Mystery Shopping with trained SalesRX mystery shoppers to give you unbiased feedback on how well your team is using their training. You will know exactly what’s working and what training skills need another chance.

  • Access to the world-wide SalesRX community of retail leaders in our SalesRX User Group. Get your exclusive access to our monthly live Q&A with Bob Phibbs to guide you along the way.

SalesRX is a built-for-you training program oozing with confidence and data-driven insight. You can regain momentum in your marketplace in a matter of weeks, if not days, by using this training. This is as close to personal sales training as you can get. 

SalesRX will help you become a better leader and increase your sales by switching the selling focus from products to people. 

How much does it cost for retail sales training programs?

In-person training can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. SalesRX online training starts at just $195 per month for up to five users.

Take a test drive by registering for a free trial

You'll get access to about a dozen lessons from the full SalesRX program plus 20 lessons on retailing during the time of Covid-19 covering marketing, social media, and yes, selling. No credit card. No commitment.  


83% of our SalesRX clients reported a double-digit increase in sales within six months of using SalesRX.

Your results may vary depending on your commitment to practice, to role-play, and to hold associates accountable for using what is taught.

“We've been using SalesRX for more than a year. We've done better than I imagined when I started this program. Not only does SalesRX help to grow sales, it creates a better work environment for everyone on the team through clear instructions and applicable teachings."

Photo of Susanne Wolf
Susanne Wolf

Prince George, BC

Bernina Corporate case study video:



Comprehensive training on how to sell has proven to improve staff performance and sales for retailers.

Training has to be done in bite-sized lessons. It can play a huge role when it comes to selling the pricier items in a retail environment. 

"I heard Bob speak and saw the value-add the program SalesRX would bring to our team. We have seen more effective communication with customers, better customer experience, higher close rates, and happier customers."

Photo of Karyn Mitchell
Karyn Mitchell

Simply Floors

MacSolutions Plus case study video:



Bob's approach through SalesRX really takes customer engagement to another level.

How your employees interact with your customers gets you that much closer to creating an exceptional experience.

"The program has helped the division increase Units per Transaction, increase average sale price and most importantly, increase sales by 108%. We are a timepiece company showing growth in a time when many people believe they do not need a watch to tell time because they have a cell phone. The Sales Rx training helped the division excel within the fiscal year."

Photo of National Manager Luxury Retail Operations
National Manager Luxury Retail Operations

Bicycle Sport Shop case study video:



It proves that retail can still be alive with the right knowledge and action.

The most direct, honest, and straight-to-the-point consultant out there in this ever-changing retail landscape.

"Being a business owner can be really lonely – I am really enjoying SalesRX because it makes me feel like I have a mentor to hold my hand and help me be a better team manager!"

Photo of Simone Clarkin
Simone Clarkin

Glug UK

Sew Much More case study video:


Not sure where to get started? Connect with Bob to learn more about SalesRX.

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What to Expect With SalesRX

SalesRX is designed to meet your business' retail needs in a simple, proven system. SalesRX is…

  • EASY | Anyone can master the SalesRX retail training program, no matter your experience or product offering. 

  • SCALABLE | Train one associate or one thousand - SalesRX works in any context.

  • FAST | Easily digest each lesson in less than five minutes. No wasted time and no more wondering if your sales associates’ time is worth their ‘training.’

  • TURNKEY | No books to buy, no videos to lose, no binders to update. SalesRX is an all-in-one sales training solution with zero hassle.

  • INTERACTIVE | Most sales training is boring! SalesRX supports one-on-one learning with real-time feedback in a fun, data-driven approach to learning.

  • CONVENIENT | SalesRX is a one-stop solution with automated reporting saving managers time and energy. No more wondering if a team member completed the training and how effective it was.

  • FLEXIBLE | Accessible from any Internet-connected device at any time. Your team can learn anywhere, anytime, no matter the time of day.

  • INSTANT TRAINING INSIGHT | Comprehensive tracking and reporting tools allow you to see how everyone is doing with one glance. Did a specific team member skip on SalesRX? You’ll know before you get a ding on your customer service online or anyone else does with a plan for getting them back on track.

SalesRX FAQs

How long does it take to complete SalesRX?

We recommend you do not look at training as something to 'get through'. Retailers getting the best success see training as something that doesn't stop. You need a minimum of two to three months with SalesRX to master the foundational courses - this is the guts of the selling system. SalesRX takes time. The training is designed for employees to learn while they are working, for new hires to easily be introduced to the training, and for more senior staff to work on their advanced skills. We have many clients who have been using SalesRX consistently for years, requiring employees to revisit certain modules quarterly or annually to drive constant improvement.

What if I want to ‘test drive’ SalesRX for a bit? Is there a trial period

Register for your “Kick the Tires” Trial here.

Gain access to our free course, "Reopening Retail and Rebuilding Trust" as well as 10 sample lessons from the full SalesRX training program.

I own a small business. How can I afford SalesRX?

Honestly, I'm not sure how you couldn't. With the Silver package starting at $195/month, for most businesses, your associates need to get one more sale or add-on each to see a return on investment. The fact they could get consistently higher average tickets with higher numbers of units per sale would be a bonus. One thing is for certain: the retail industry is punishing those who fail to create an exceptional customer experience, and to do so takes training.

What if I only want one user?

The most basic SalesRX package includes five (5) users by default, so if you truly want only one (1) user, that's the way to go. There is a minimum for the technology used to deliver the training and of course, the content. It is truly individualized training so you can’t have one person try to teach it to a group—it won’t work. Every employee needs their own access. You can add more users anytime, too.

What does the coursework cover?

You can download the course syllabus and content outline here with registration.

Does additional training, such as management training or personality styles training, cost extra?

No. Even the most basic SalesRX package gives you access to all 70+ courses, including modules meant just for retail sales managers, personality styles training, and cross-generational training.

This Is for the Skeptics

Calling all questioners, doubters, skeptics, the ‘burned me once’ crowd… welcome. You have questions - that’s good. You have doubts… even better. You want to know that SalesRX works for more than just one or two ‘lucky’ retailers.

Here’s my track record:

  • My insight generated the highest increase in sales at the #1 mall in the U.S.

  • I’m also an American Express Global Merchant Advisor.

  • Who’s benefited from my expertise? Brother, Omega, Yamaha, Bernina, Apple Specialists, Vera Bradley, Hunter Douglas, Purina, Seiko, Calphalon, Paul Mitchell, Hearts on Fire, Do It Best, Caesars Palace, Trek, Menards, and that’s more than enough to prove I’m the real deal in retail.

  • The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Forbes trust my insight.

  • That’s why this training is worth your time.

  • Still not convinced? Google me.

Here’s proof SalesRX works:

SalesRX repeatedly delivers double-digit results in less than six months. Over 83% of retailers often report double-digit increases in sales and customer satisfaction within a few months of using SalesRX.

Of course, results may vary depending on your commitment to practice, to role-play, and to hold associates accountable for using what is taught. If you don’t work with SalesRX, it won’t work for you.

And Yet, I’m Going to Give You a Guarantee… 

SalesRX’s monthly plans have no minimum commitment, so you can cancel anytime. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your SalesRX purchase in the first 72 hours, you’ll get back every penny you paid - no questions asked.

What If I’m Not Ready to Say “Yes!” Just Yet?

Still uncertain? That’s okay. Bob Phibbs created an on-demand, no-strings-attached complimentary training just for you. It’s called, “The 5 Shifts Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Making to Generate Up to 20% Higher Profits Every Month.” Yes, the title’s intended to make your next action a no-brainer: click the link, watch the training, take notes.

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Get my six-figure-plus secrets that will skyrocket your sales and drive loyalty, even love from your customers - TODAY! 

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