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SalesRX was recognized by the World Retail Forum for its innovative retail sales training. SalesRX has helped thousands of retailers just like you.

What If You Could…

  • Be fully prepared to lead your marketplace in the new retail surge for 2021…
  • Restore your sales volume to pre-COVID-19 numbers…
  • Achieve the same level of pre-pandemic cash flow without doing anything extreme…
  • Completely recoup your lost sales from 2020…
  • Start seeing double-digit sales increases every month…
  • Improve your customer service, generate more sales, and set a clear, compelling vision for the future that your team will love…
  • Have the best trained retail team in your industry…

That won’t happen by accident. You need a world-class retail sales training program.

Who this is for:
  • You are clear on why you need training
  • You’re looking for getting everyone on the same page
  • You’re willing to do the work (with our help) so this is the LAST training your team will ever need to get results

Answers to Your Four Biggest Questions About
SalesRX Online Training

SalesRX is an online retail sales training program with both Core and Advanced training for frontline retail associates as well as a complete train-the-trainer retail management program delivered in bite-sized 3–5-minute lessons on customer service and selling the merchandise.

Managers watch 2-3 lessons (about 10 minutes) per day to get up to speed for about three weeks. Once they have completed their train-the-trainer program they hold an employee meeting to get everyone’s questions answered and present the program. The next day, employees watch just a few lessons (about 15 minutes) per week alternating the next week with mock sessions from the playbook to practice the skills taught.

You can download the course syllabus and content outline here with registration.

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How much does it cost to get started
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1 - 5 Users is $295 / month

6 - 10 Users is $495 / month

11 - 15 Users is $695 / month

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+one-time $195 setup.
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83% of our SalesRX clients reported a
double-digit increase in sales within six
months of using SalesRX.


“Bob and his team do a phenomenal job walking you through the SalesRX process. It helped show all of us that sales isn’t just something you’re born with -- anyone can be trained to be great at sales. We’ve seen increases of at least 10-15% at all of our 10 brick-and-mortar locations… Thank you so much, Bob!”

- Deanna Wallin, Naples Soap Company

“We've been using SalesRX for more than a year. We've done better than I imagined when I started this program. Not only does SalesRX help to grow sales, it creates a better work environment for everyone on the team through clear instructions and applicable teachings."

- Susanne Wolf Prince George, BC

"It is such a relief to find a program that is tailored for employees especially with regard to the "bite-sized" learning approach. It sounds obvious but the quick lessons make all the difference."

- David Byron

“Bob's SalesRX training system will inspire your employees into doing the right thing. After my employees took the training my company was named Retailer of the Year by the Alabama Retail Association.”

- Mike LeCroix

"I heard Bob speak and saw the value-add the program SalesRX would bring to our team. We have seen more effective communication with customers, better customer experience, higher close rates, and happier customers."

- Karyn Mitchell, Simply Floors

"The program has helped the division increase Units per Transaction, increase average sale price and most importantly, increase sales by 108%. We are a timepiece company showing growth in a time when many people believe they do not need a watch to tell time because they have a cell phone. The Sales Rx training helped the division excel within the fiscal year."

- National Manager Luxury Retail Operations

"Being a business owner can be really lonely – I am really enjoying SalesRX because it makes me feel like I have a mentor to hold my hand and help me be a better team manager!"

- Simone Clarkin, Glug UK

What does SalesRX look like and how does it work?

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SalesRX Can Help Your Team Create an
Extraordinary Experience Through Our Key
Training Situations and Principles

Listen to your customer
How to greet a customer
Building rapport with customers
Presenting features and benefits
Handling objections and getting the sale
Effectively add on to a sale
How to close the sale
Understanding shopper personality styles
Selling to different generations
Handling customer complaints
Training your trainers
Using role play to make training stick
Holding employees accountable
Leading the personalities on your team
Creating displays that sell
Hiring better employees

Additional modules available for specialty retailers include

Using the fitting room to grow units per transaction
How to add on without overwhelming the customer
Secrets of successful salons & spas

With your monthly subscription you get:

  • Personalized onboarding to ensure you get a great start. You'll feel confident your system is set up correctly with face-to-face onboarding hosted by a certified SalesRX team member. Ask questions, share concerns, and get ready for next-level success with SalesRX.
  • The virtual Personal Coach is positioned to help you stay on track with your goals. You’ll know exactly what to do next - we remove all the guesswork and uncertainty through our easy-to-follow process.
  • Reporting features so you know exactly how well your staff is paying attention to the interactive lessons. Get real-time insight on every employee’s progress through SalesRX.
  • Real-life role play exercises for every SalesRX skill. We built in live ‘at bats’ to take the training out of the computer and onto the sales floor.
  • Access to the worldwide SalesRX community of retail leaders in our SalesRX User Group. Get your exclusive access to our monthly live Q&A with Bob Phibbs to guide you along the way.


SalesRX is a built-for-you training program with data-driven insight to help your team exude confidence. You can gain fresh, exciting momentum in your marketplace in a matter of weeks, if not days, by using this training.

Here’s My Guarantee…

SalesRX’s monthly plans have no minimum commitment, so you can cancel anytime. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your SalesRX purchase in the first 30 days, you’ll get back every penny you paid - no headaches or hassle.

We're with you all the way.
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