You Can Compete in Retail!

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You Can Compete!

Retail isn’t that hard to perfect… it comes down to having the right people and right product for your customers. When you drop one of those, you end up settling. And if the past few years have taught us anything about retail sales, it’s that you just can’t settle anymore if you want to get ahead of the competition and stay there.
In this retail sales training presentation, you’ll discover how to make bigger sales and earn the profits you seek by building the right team, holding on to existing clientele, and capturing new customers. READ MORE »

Marketing Smarter Than Your Competition

Interruption marketing is the past; the future of marketing is participation. That means the web and mobile but if you have an audience of late-adopters, how can you make them comfortable with technology? To make more money, they need to get in front of those people looking for their products or services and getting top search engine rankings. This marketing presentation explains the basics in a easy and engaging manner and leads to how to engage your customers. READ MORE »

Selling Like A Pro

In order to move more merch,  your employees must possess great customer services skills so they can build trust quickly and start a relationship with your customers. In this presentation, Bob reveals his proven sales process you can easily apply to see your sales increase, your merchandise turn increase and your employee turnover plummet. Perfect if you are selling luxury or premium goods or services. READ MORE »

Merchandising for Sales

With these days of budget cuts and computer scheduling programs to minimize overlap of hours, your employees simply can’t be everywhere suggesting add-ons. Displays are your silent salesperson, from the intriguing windows to the impulse items at the counter.  They are the foundation of a healthy business. In “Merchandising for Sales,” Bob shares tips and tools that will help you create kick-butt displays that move product quickly. READ MORE »

How To Train and Manage Your Sales Team

In order to earn the profit you desire, you need your sales team at the top of their game, focused on the customer and adding value. This retail management presentation reveals secrets to managing your sales team, raising them from lowly clerks to the top of the selling mountain! READ MORE »

Get More From Your Crew Using Four Personality Styles

It sounds great to create an incentive program to juice sales, but what motivates a Driver personality style is much different than an Amiable personality. Understanding all four (including the Expressive and the Amiable,) with their strengths and weaknesses has consistently led to higher sales for luxury brands in jewelry stores, home furnishings, apparel and hospitality services. This would also be appropriate for any business looking to get more from their team.

Yesterday’s Gone: Thriving in Your Store Today

Industry unknowns don’t have to stress you out, as long as you’re properly equipped to stare down these demons and watch them blink first. Smartphone apps and the online revolution may have changed much about the way consumers shop, but they still need you.  Phibbs reveals how the energy in your store determines your outcome and how you can easily go to bed each night looking forward to tomorrow’s possibilities .  In short, you’ll hit the reset button on your business and leave with actionable ideas that set the pace for a profitable year.

Selling To Boomers: How Your Millennial Employees Are Impacting Your Store (New)

Millennials are the most studied and talked about generation ever. How are they impacting your store? How should they be selling to your Baby Boomers who still have the money? Join Bob as he compares and contrasts the two generations and gives you tips how to sell to the Baby Boomer generation..

How To Not Be a Showroom For Amazon

Shoppers are walking in to your store with a loaded weapon – their smartphone. And if you choose to ignore it, the results can be the demise of your business. Why? Because they can price-check while you are helping another customer, they can scan your bar code and compare to any online retailer and buy while your staff is hanging out behind the counter, they are more likely to use Amazon than any other to do – all without paying tax and with free shipping.  You can’t ignore it or just “try harder” as some have suggested, you have to go to battle to win the fight for the customer’s loyalty. You’ll leave this session with actionable steps you can take to neutralize the smartphone weapon.



Choose from 9 customizable presentations that will electrify your audience and help them create an exceptional experience that allows them to sell their merchandise without discounting. Bob will give them the tools to compete in today’s ever changing retail market.




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