Retail Sales Training Will Never Be The Same

By Bob Phibbs

coursesWhile working for some great retailers, I found I was naturally good at selling merchandise and retail sales training. Little did I know that during those years I was creating a philosophy that would later drive my brand as the Retail Doctor.

And that is…

Retailers can make the world a better place by giving their employees the tools they need to meet a stranger with an open heart, build rapport and sell them something.

We all want to be noticed. To be valued. To be seen.

Too many of our customers are still walking around, tweeting, Instagramming - complaining really- about what someone in a retail establishment did to them.

  • How they endured the worst wait ever.
  • How the barrista totally ruined their latte.
  • How they had to wait five minutes before someone - anyone - came over.

You get the picture.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

We're In It Together

Making their world a better place in your store begins with you and your employees.

You can work with a new employee to teach them the skills that they don’t even know they are missing. You can teach that selling isn’t sleazy. You can take a person who may seem bored in their retail job and teach them that every customer is a chance to make their own day better.

I know because I’ve seen it.

The way is simple; just invest in your people.

My larger clients and luxury retailers have the ability to shoulder the cost of getting me to multiple locations to train their teams. Most retailers however, don’t.


No luxury brand is safe from the march of showrooming. No mom and pop or chain store is enjoying record numbers of new customers.

And that’s not going change...

If I could go in person to every retail store and train every individual, I would.

Now I can...

I’ve developed a virtual retail training program that can reach out to all of your employees in every one of your stores. It is also be available in a dozen languages.

So if all of your markdowns are cutting into your profits and stopping you from ordering the best merchandise because it sits, I can help you change that.

I will show you how to up your game with retail training created specifically for the shorter attention spans of today's employee that creates genuine rapport with your customers.

Why now?

Quite simply, customers are voting with their feet. Most retailers gave up on sales training and poisoned the well for everyone - now everyone’s customers are saying they’re fed up.

  • Customers are going online.
  • Customers are staying home.
  • Customers are going without.

Now your customers are walking out or not even coming in.

So when a customer does show up, your store and your employees need to have what it takes to make that sale.

You won’t last if your employees pour cold water on the fire of those who enter your shop looking for their chance to look better, to get the guy, to marry the girl, to get a fresh start, to pick out the perfect gift, or to treat themselves.

I don’t want that for you.

So I ask you, can you see that you need to commit to providing an exceptional experience for your customers?

Your Answer

Go to the SalesRX site and take a look at:

Click the Join Now button on the home page of SalesRX and let me know a good time I can personally demonstrate the system for you.

As I close, I’m reminded of the client who asked me, “What if I train them and they leave?” and I replied, “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

Until next time, good selling!

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