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To Compete With Amazon Try This In Your Store Instead Of Coupons Or Discounts

Imagine if this was your retail business: “Given our view that Bed Bath & Beyond was unable to post positive comps this last holiday season...

Are You Missing These 4 Key Training Principles That Lead To Retail Success?


I was tired after my 12-hr journey to get home. I called and ordered a pizza from the local Italian restaurant. While I was a bit annoyed I had...

How To Overcome These 5 Shopper Objections And Get The Sale

As I walked past a Brookstone in an airport one Sunday afternoon several years ago, a guy was clearly teaching his associates how to sell their...

5 Ways To Talk Less And Sell More

In the Broadway musical Hamilton, the character Aaron Burr offers this advice to the fast talking Alexander Hamilton, “Talk less, smile more.”

How To Compete With Amazon? Create An In-Store Customer Experience That Rivals Theirs

Amazon is the company retailers love to hate. Amazon’s arms continue to weave and curl around your customers.

And while shoppers shop at both...

Podium Survey Reveals 6 Surprising Reasons Customers Don’t Return To Local Retailers

Ever written an email or text to a retail business and didn’t get an answer within a day?

Is Your Aversion To Selling Holding Back Your Store’s Sales?

Aversion to selling is everywhere in retail.

7 Reasons You’re Afraid Of Retail Sales Training And What to Do About It

Have you passed on retail sales training because for you either didn’t think it would work or you had a bad experience in the past? You're not...

3 Customer Service Techniques That Can Skyrocket Your Store Sales

The one common denominator when it comes to retail sales is...people. And how those people interact with each other.

7 Retail Customer Service Experience Mistakes Retailers Make

As a motivational speaker, I travel a lot and encounter customer service mistakes all the time.  

The Litmus Test For Customer Service Interaction - How Do You Measure Up?

I was staying at the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise Ireland and walked into the restaurant to have breakfast. I’d never seen a breakfast buffet...

2018 Retail Assessment Reveals 10 Shocking Lacks In Best Practices

What is the current state of the retail industry? To no one’s surprise, most retailers see customer service as their most important challenge.

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