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Not Just Following Orders: 10 Tips To Manage Change And Produce Positive Results

As a retail shop owner or manager, it's crucial to understand that the success of any training program is not just about...

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5 Ways How To Sell More By Talking Less

How do you become a good retail sales associate and move visitors from shoppers to customers? In the Broadway musical Ha...

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How To Regain And Keep Your Luxury Brand Legacy From Fading

The finest wools and cotton for luxury fashion brands are farmed from centuries-old farms, carded and woven in centuries...

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How To Reach Retail Customers Despite Their Cocoons

Let’s admit it; we are now a society of individual planets. We’ve created our own worlds by letting in just what we want...

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The 5 Shifts Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Making to Generate Up to 20% Higher Profits Every Month

Are you a hungry brick-and-mortar store owner who’s ready for a fresh, people-obsessed strategy? This training is for you if you want to grow your business using a powerful customer experience formula proven to make your cash register chirp.