Is An Online Retail Sales Training Program For You?

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When you started your brick-and-mortar store, you probably did everything yourself. You answered the phone, took orders, greeted customers, worked the register, ordered new product, and if your business offered delivery, you used your own car.

As your retail operation grew, you hired employees and subsequently trained every sales associate to do the jobs you knew inside and out.

As your company continued expanding, you found as a business owner that you needed to move farther away from the customer and delegate tasks; one of those being retail sales training.

You might have spent hours writing a sales training manual to ensure that your knowledge and wisdom would flow directly to your new retail employees.

And then March 2020 hit...

The pandemic disrupted the entire retail industry. Curbside, social distancing, mask policies, carry out or delivery only took precedence. Employees resigned and new ones were more difficult to find and hire.

What was once the norm - to be in person with your employees - turned into a staffing crisis for you and your store. With retailers scrambling to supply their business while protecting margins, it became easy to be distracted by social media advertising.

Yet the question that keeps retailers up at night wondering is, "How many sales that I should have made walked out the front doors?

The best possible investment isn't into Facebook or TikTok ads but your employees.

Sales training is more essential than ever.

But in-person sales training can be unpredictable - to find the right time, have someone go to stores, or bring them all together and lose valuable sales floor hours.

Virtual sales training is the only sensible solution right now to keep your team's sales skills sharp and generate more sales moving forward.

Does online retail sales training work for everyone?

In-person training programs often don’t scale like online sales training programs that can be delivered at the store level. With virtual sales training, it creates on-demand access that can make the most of your team's availability without compromising on health and safety measures.

So, does virtual sales training work for everyone? Just because a sales training program is virtual does not guarantee it's the right solution for your store. You need to safely combine other elements outside of the recorded training content to ensure the training translates to better results with your employees.

Try to leverage phone or video calls, such as Zoom, to connect employees for discussing what they learned in the online training. Have them role-play different shopper situations based on the training with a team leader coaching them through the interactions. This allows the training content to be personalized more for each employee and your store's unique situation.

The solution? SalesRX.

In, my virtual online retail sales training program, your employees will learn retail fundamentals like how to approach, engage and sell the customer, and they'll learn how to be more human in an increasingly inhuman world. The real-world learning that takes place sharpens their customer service skills and sales techniques in ways that are neither pushy nor aggressive.

How can an online retail sales training program improve performance? Sales associates will understand that every stage of a sale is critically important, and they'll learn to feel comfortable as they move the shopper through the sales process to become a customer. If you've worked hard to create a superior retail environment already, then managing your customer's experience is your goal.

What makes SalesRX the best virtual sales training for retailers?

Many virtual sales training programs give you a series of modules with little to no thought to the ordering of the content. With SalesRX each module is intentionally placed in the exact order you need for optimal learning.

There are several key factors that set SalesRX apart from other virtual sales training programs:

• Comprehensive. Train-the-trainer modules give your retail management the tools they need to reinforce learning. This means you can upgrade their skills before they are charged with upgrading your associates' skills.

Always On. Training can be done anywhere --24/7, 365 days per year. Employees can train in your stores, at their homes, or even on the go. While other virtual sales training so they're accessible from anywhere, our platform is proven to outperform others by actually being accessible.

Self-paced. Everyone can train at their own pace. Employees can take all the time they need, and everyone receives the exact same information. Instead of just finding chores to do, such as straightening inventory, employees can put in a short amount of time learning how to sell your merchandise.

Proof. A certified training program provides everyone in retail management with easy-to-understand scorecards that track the progress of each team and every employee. We give you real-time access to review every employee's progress.

Video. It's confounding that so many retail sales training still include obligatory, boring manuals or presentations no one follows. SalesRX includes actionable, impactful videos that hold short attention spans.

Short. Tightly focused lessons make for less time off the sales floor. With limited shopper interactions due to COVID-19, your employees need to maximize their connections with shoppers. Less time sitting through boring content means more time sharing a warm greeting and great interaction with shoppers.

Concentrated. SalesRX is delivered quickly and efficiently, with no 'fluff' allowed.

Customer service. The goal of all retail training is improved customer satisfaction and engagement. When every employee at all levels receives the same focused training, it creates brand consistency your shoppers will love.

What You'll Learn with SalesRX

Your staff will learn that they can upsell and meet your customers’ needs at the same time. Most of all, your employees will learn the training as life skills - how building rapport and selecting your attitude are skills to develop to have a good life.

SalesRX helps create a consistent customer experience that sells your merchandise, even during the worst economic disruption in over a century. This is the #1 retail sales training in the world, online or in person, that literally 100,000+ retailers have completed with unparalleled results.

You have two choices:

  • Keep letting opportunities pass you and your store by with an "I hope we get through this" mentality. OR...
  • Trust what 100,000+ retailers already experienced with SalesRX to level up your sales team's impact and lead your industry and community with a world-class sales experience for your shoppers.

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