Is Virtual Online Retail Sales Training For You?

online retail sales training

online retail sales trainingWhen you started your brick and mortar store, you probably did everything yourself. You answered the phone, took orders, greeted customers, worked the register, ordered new product, and if your business offered delivery, you used your own car.

When you started your brick and mortar store, you probably did everything yourself. You answered the phone, took orders, greeted customers , worked the register, ordered new product, and if your business offered delivery, you used your own car.

As your retail operation grew, you hired employees and subsequently trained every sales associate to do the jobs that you knew inside and out.

As your company continued to expand, you found as a business owner that you needed to move farther away from the customer and delegate tasks; one of those being retail sales training.

You might have spent hours writing a sales training manual to ensure that your knowledge and wisdom would flow directly to your new retail employees.

Then what happened?

You visited one of your retail store locations and the things you saw were upsetting.

Customer service was lacking, there were long check-out lines, and customers just seemed frustrated and unhappy. Or maybe you checked your reports and noticed the average ticket or units per transaction (UPT) were off.

Somehow, your system of retail training had failed.

Who can benefit from an online retail sales training program?

If you have a bricks and mortar store and are looking to increase your customer service and in-store sales but don’t have extensive resources then online may be for you. Training programs that are delivered in-person don’t scale like online sales training programs that can be delivered at the store level.

And let's face it, online retailers are only getting smarter at stealing your customers away with free shipping and social media promotions.

Online training systems are now available that can take the place of classroom-style sessions or catch-as-catch-can shadowing other sales associates. Your employees can simply sit at a computer, laptop or tablet, sign in, and complete one of the online courses in about 3-5 minutes. 

What are the benefits of online courses? 

• Comprehensive.Train-the-trainer modules give retail management the tools they need to reinforce learning so you upgrade their skills before they are charged with upgrading your associates' skills.

Always On. Training can be done anywhere --24/7, 365 days per year. Employees can train in your stores, at their homes, or even at a Starbucks.

Self-paced. Everyone can train at their own pace. Employees can take all the time they need, and everyone receives the exact same information. Instead of just finding chores to do like straightening inventory, they can put in a short amount of time learning how to sell your merchandise.

Proof. Certified training program provides everyone in retail management with easy-to-understand scorecards that track the progress of each team and every employee.

Video. Retail sales training used to include obligatory and boring manuals no one read or PowerPoint presentations someone would read from, but my virtual online training program includes actionable and impactful videos that hold short attention spans.

Short. Tightly focused lessons makes for less time off the sales floor. Let's face it, your employees work on their feet and sitting down for a long stretch makes them sleepy. With a virtual online retail sales training system, it's unlikely that your employees are going to fall asleep at the computer because the lessons are short.

Engaging. The best virtual training programs are interactive and ask questions throughout the courseware so learners stay engaged.

Concentrated. Online retail courses can be delivered quickly and efficiently, and since the teaching is one-on-one, there are no distracting interruptions.

Customer service. The goal of all retail training is improved customer satisfaction and engagement. When everyone has been certified, you deliver a branded customer experience.

What They'll Learn

In, my virtual online retail sales training program, your employees will learn retail fundamentals like how to approach, engage and sell the customer, and they'll learn how to be more human in an increasingly inhuman world. The real-world learning that takes place sharpens their customer service skills and sales techniques in ways that are neither pushy or aggressive.

How can an online retail sales training program improve performance? Sales associates will understand that every stage of a sale is critically important, and they'll learn to feel comfortable as they move the shopper through the sales process to become a customer. If you've worked hard to create a superior retail environment already, then managing your customer's experience is your goal.

Your staff will learn that they can upsell, and meet your customers’ needs at the same time. Most of all, your employees will learn the training as life skills - how building rapport and selecting your attitude are skills to develop to have a good life. 

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In Sum

Why is retail training important? Because e-commerce bandits are stealing away your dissatisfied customers.

With a focused attention on sales training programs, your retail professionals can deliver a branded shopping experience second to none. One that makes use of your marketing turning lookers into potential customers in an easy manner.

If you want to offer a consistent customer experience that sells your merchandise, you need to make sure your retail employees are trained to deliver it. That focus on the bricks and mortar experience will help you stand out from other retailers.

Virtual online retail sales training, like my can do that for you when you use it consistently.

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