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5 Ways To Sell Customers A New Identity Using Emotional Selling

Bob Phibbs

You know where so many retail salespeople go wrong?

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How Incenting Retail Employees Can Lead To Unintended Selling Problems

Bob Phibbs

The big news this week was that Wells Fargo fired 5300 employees, about 2% of their workforce, after admitting those employees opened more than 2 million deposit and credit card accounts without customers’ authorization. Their incentives that encouraged workers to open more accounts at all costs led to this disaster.

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Topics: Motivation, retail employee, selling, Wells Fargo

How Selling With Storytelling Will Increase Your Retail Sales

Bob Phibbs

Stories help us quickly become engaged.  

In retail sales, that is especially important because people are loyal to people, not products.

The purpose of storytelling is to engage emotion and bring it to bear on a decision. Stories help people connect with success, fame, prestige, a revelation - you name it.

Everything but logic.

You know how you feel when you hear those words, “Once upon a time…”?

You are open to possibilities…

To magic…

To wonder.

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Retail Sales Training: Grow Sales With Analogies

Bob Phibbs

Retail sales training is all about finding new ways to connect to shoppers, new ways to say something so another person can easily understand and so you can close the sale.

I spent a lot of time in the coffee business. One of the drinks we offered was the iced, blended mocha. As we opened up new markets, many times new customers had no idea what that was or tasted like. Since it was one of the best ways to increase average check, we had to get customers to try it without slowing down the line.

While one could say, "It's made from cold-brewed coffee, milk chocolate and ice with whipped cream," customers' eyes would glaze over.

That's why we had to teach the barristas to say,

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8 Questions To Be Answered When Considering Retail Sales Training

Bob Phibbs

Whether the retail sales training is delivered in person by a sales trainer like myself, online through a program like my SalesRX.com, or an in-house program, you want to answer these concerns prior to launch.

1. Who is going to be our point person and take overall ownership of the learning process for the stores? They must be behind the need for training 100% and believe in how it can increase sales.

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How To Increase Retail Sales With Just One Upselling Question

Bob Phibbs

It's gift season.

Everyone is rushed.

Looking for a shortcut.

The magic promotion.

All of this comes from wanting one thing: a profitable year.

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Topics: Retail Holiday Sales, Retail Sales Training, selling, upselling

Stop Trying To Speedily Close The Sale. Slow Down When Selling Retail Or You’re Toast

Bob Phibbs

Steve was a very good salesman.

He had enthusiasm; he had product knowledge, and he had a swagger to his presentations.  

He wanted to help as many people as possible  - to get ‘em in and quickly get ‘em out when closing a sale, so he could then go onto the next customer.

About half the shoppers who encountered him thought he was fun and a bit outrageous.

But he had a finite time he’d given himself to wait on someone. If the customer wanted to bond a bit and enjoy his company...dicey.

Once their allotted time was up, Steve would try to close the sale before the customer had been convinced of the worth of the item with some of those awful closing techniques.

Remember these 60’s closing techniques?

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, selling, closing techniques, close the sale

3 Deadly Traits That Kill Your Efforts To Attract and Keep Customers

Bob Phibbs

Some of the most popular questions people have for me after they join my newsletter are:

How do I get more customers in my store?

How do I increase my sales? 

How can I sell more?

I get it.  Traffic to stores and malls are down, and while you might be tempted to haul out that old losers limp They’re all buying online, don’t.

The fact is 85% of the shopping that is to be done for the foreseeable future according to McKinsey will be in brick and mortar stores. 

According to TimeTrade, as much as mobile shopping is hyped, the reality is mobile purchasing is slow to grow; only 13% of respondents have previously made a purchase using a mobile device. 

So if the endless aisles of online aren’t the culprit to lower store sales, what is?

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Topics: Retail Sales, Customer Service, selling, how to sell

Retail Selling Tips: How to Turn a Sale Around

Bob Phibbs

Selling in a retail store means there are times you know a big sale is in trouble.

Donna Artz asked me on my Facebook Fan page how to turn a sale around that is "going down the tubes."

This is the kind of retail sales training I do all over the world as part of the Bob Phibbs Experience and can be a complex thing to teach but, address the basics first.

If you’re having a tough time during a sale, pull back and see if there were physical cues things weren't going well.

For example, were either their or yourarms crossed?

How about your legs or theirs? Closed body positions show mistrust.

If it is you, you could be unconsciously telegraphing you are afraid of the customer, the product doesn't do what you say it does or you are wanting to protect yourself because you feel it is so expensive.

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, selling

How to Conquer Your Selling Fears

Bob Phibbs

I was talking to a pool builder about a client who had put in a new pool.

His client lived in a very expensive neighborhood, drove a Bentley; you get the picture.

A few months later the client’s neighbor installed a pool too … from a different pool builder.

The Bentley guy went to his neighbor’s party and saw his pool; it had all the bells and whistles, a salt water chlorinator, fiber optic lights, and an automatic pool cover.

He drove back to his builder and asked why he didn’t show him all the possibilities.

I was afraid I would price myself out of the sale, he replied.

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