SalesRX Customer Success Story: Sam Stamatiou of Wireless Zone

Sam Stamatiou of Wireless Zone

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“The quality of customer service provided by our new hires has massively improved in a short time.”

Wireless Zone’s Results 

  • Better onboarding processes

  • A shred language for sales across the organization

  • Sharing of best practice

  • Identification of other issues in the business


How SalesRX helped Wireless Zone improve the onboarding process for new sales staff

  • Small, easy to digest training videos

  • Proven sales techniques and strategies

  • Individualized consultations

  • Advice tailored to their specific context


What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Sam Stamatiou, and I am a managing partner at a handful of Wireless Zone locations. We are a Verizon authorized retailer and exclusively sell Verizon cell phones. 

Our company has been in business for over close to 30 years. The game has changed over the last 25 years and we needed a way to stay current and up to date with training. 

We are always onboarding people and needed a better system. In our seven different stores, the training was handled by individual managers. This led to the training not being consistent. 

The experience the customers received was good quality but was not the same in all of our stores. Best practices were not being shared quickly. 

We looked into a couple of different platforms, but the content and message they were delivering were a little underwhelming. They just were not as good as SalesRX in my opinion.

What is the time commitment for SalesRX training?

Once you get the program up and running, it is not as time-consuming to actually follow through with the lessons. It gives you a breakdown of what you need to do to progress. 

The hardest part for individuals doing the training is executing on the lessons learned and making the decision to go forward with it.

Did you have any doubts before enrolling with SalesRX?

When I talked to Bob, I immediately felt like it would be okay, and the rollout would be easy. When I dealt with other companies, I was on edge due to my uncertainties. 

I came into the conversation with objections, but after that first conversation, I was convinced and knew SalesRX would be awesome.

What was your eureka moment?

The best thing has been the ease of onboarding new hires. The quality of their customer service has become a lot better in a short period. 

We have seen a massive improvement in associates' ability to greet customers and make connections quickly. We have seen a lot of our new people develop that skill.

How did SalesRX help you?

The benefits of the training have been eye-opening. We had a lot of people who we thought were good at their jobs who were not able to engage and follow through with the training.

We found out that these people are rushing. They are listening to respond, not listening to understand. Going through the SalesRX training has made that a little bit more evident, which I think is huge. 

I think the most significant help has been with onboarding. We can now quickly get new staff onto the floor and get them comfortable having conversations and building relationships.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

It will not cost a large amount of money for you to get started with SalesRX, and you will learn so much. 

We went into this with one idea of our problems but quickly realized many other things were broken within our system. 

Having the ability to call and get them in a Zoom call or get them on a conference call has been invaluable. 

On our internal company calls, they have helped us with many things that are not even covered in SalesRX. They are good people who have helped us tremendously.

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