SalesRX Customer Success Story: Steve Pulone of O'Malia's Living

Steve Pulone of O'Malia's Living

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“SalesRX took a good sales crew and turned them into a great sales crew.”

O’Maila Living’s Results 

  • Better interactions with customers
  • Help and feedback from experts
  • Staff are developing professionally
  • Increased sales

How SalesRX helped O’Malia’s Living refine their sales process

  • Self-run group sessions that allow you to tailor the program to your context
  • Role-playing activities that help sales staff practice their skills
  • An in house ‘Champion’ that facilitates the process
  • Help and feedback from experts

What was it like before you had SalesRX?

My name is Steve Pulone, and I work for O'Malia's Living in Carmel, Indiana. I have been in the patio and fireplace business for 35 years. 

We did not have a specific problem, but I felt the staff had reached the limit of their training. They knew the product, its features and benefits, and how to sell, but they didn’t know how to interact with the customer.

There was an uneasy, awkward feeling when they started their sales process. We needed a way to present ourselves and our staff more professionally. We thought SalesRX would be the best way to do it. 

What convinced you to sign up with SalesRX?

In my 35 years, I have done a lot of sales training, from group training to the one-day seminars where they try to squeeze everything in and give you as much as they can in a short time.

One thing that set SalesRX apart was the prolonged training experience where you do role-playing with your staff and ingrain the training. It sticks with them because they're doing it day in, day out. 

The other thing that I liked is that SalesRX trains what they call a ‘Champion’. That person goes through the training before the staff and knows the program inside and out. 

When staff are going through the training, the ‘Champion’ does the role-playing and makes readjustments on the spot. 

You also get a lot of feedback from Bob and his staff. You can go to them at any time and receive positive, solid feedback. 

Whether you're trying to adapt the training to your product or have an out-of-the-box question, they are always there to help.

How did SalesRX help you?

Now it is much easier for the staff to approach a customer. Instead of doing the, "Hey, how you doing? How are you today?" We are more able to engage that customer with some of the opening questions that we were taught. 

It is not high-pressure used car sales, where the customers feel like they're being pummeled when they walk in the door. It is planned and comes across as easygoing, but everything is calculated to engage the customer.

What feedback have you received from staff about SalesRX?

At first, I thought my staff would be resistant because you have management trying to shove a whole new program down their throats, forcing them to do it. 

There is always the worry that the natural reaction would be, "Ah, you know, I know how to sell. I don't need this new stuff." However, they were very open to it. 

It was interesting because I would give them their lesson plan for the week, and they had to complete it by a particular day. Then we would do role-playing in our Saturday morning staff meetings.

After doing this for a few weeks, I started seeing them jump ahead a little bit. They were anxious to get to the role-playing.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

I would recommend SalesRX to everybody but my competition! I don't want my competition doing this because once they discover the common sense behind it and get their salespeople on board, I'm in trouble! 

SalesRX is easy to do, but the ‘Champion’ has to be on board. You have to believe that this is going to pay off. 

If you have ever tried to break a habit, like smoking, you know that won’t change people in one week. It takes time, it takes repetition, and you have to stick to it. If you stick to the program, it will pay off.

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