SalesRX Customer Success Story: Rebecca Wierda of Leigh's

Rebecca Wierda of Leigh's

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“I can't remember the last time that I have received so many phone calls and emails from customers saying what an exceptional experience they had at Leigh's. I feel that the training was a huge part of that. Our salespeople are now more confident when they are working with customers, and they are making those real personal connections.”

Results for Leigh's

  • A 10% increase in key metrics
  • Increased excitement amongst the sales team
  • New strategies and techniques
  • A standardized approach for all sales staff

How SalesRX helped Leigh's structure their sales process more effectively

  • Engaging role-play activities
  • Expert support and guidance
  • An educational program informed by decades of sales experience
  • Tools and techniques that can have an immediate impact on sales

What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Rebecca Wierda, and I am the owner of Leigh's, a luxury women's specialty store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

I have been searching for the right sales training program for my team for a long time. I have looked into some, and they were not a great fit for us. I didn't feel like they applied to our business. 

We had some written policies, but I kept feeling frustrated that there was no continuity in my sales program and nothing from these programs was working for me. 

We would have home run sales with certain customers, and then with other customers, we would fall flat because not everyone was up to speed in their sales training. 

What was the time commitment like for the SalesRX training?

You have to make time for training. I have been a massive fan of Bob's blog, and I have read it for years. 

I would look at his sales training and step back because I was unsure if we had the time. Now I know it is 100% worth the investment, and it is worth taking the time to do the training program. 

The results and the excitement that it generates with your team are exactly what I was looking for.

What was your Eureka moment?

I found every part of the training really valuable. It was interesting to see my team connect with what the training was offering and what it was telling us to do. 

Whether it was saying good morning or it was a technique on approaching a customer during windows of contact, they were always engaged. 

When we did our role-playing, our team was so engaged and so excited. There was a buzz of conversation, and everyone was bouncing ideas off each other and generating new ideas.

How did SalesRX help you?

The transformation has been amazing in terms of my team and their excitement about selling and increasing units. 

We just completed our training last month, and when I look at my UPTs and my average transactions, I have seen a 10% increase in both of those metrics. If we can grab 10% extra on every transaction it is going to propel our business forward.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

I would absolutely recommend SalesRX training. Sign up today! 

It is the best thing out there. I am so pleased, and you will not regret it, this program is exceptional.

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