SalesRX Customer Success Story: Jill Reicks of Inspired to Sew

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“It seemed too good to be true, but when I started observing interactions on the floor, team members using SalesRX techniques were closing more sales.”


Inspired to Sew’s Results 

  • Sales staff are more inspired to connect with customers

  • Positive customer feedback

  • Employees showing more initiative

  • Quick onboarding of new sales staff


How SalesRX helped Inspire to Sew improve their sales process

  • Proven techniques

  • A solid mix of practical and theoretical training

  • Easy to follow training materials

  • Expert support and guidance


What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Jill Reicks from Inspired To Sew in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We sell sewing machines, fabric, and sewing education. 

We did a lot of training in our store to link a person up with another experienced team member. 

Even though we had procedures and protocols in place, we found they would default to the methods they were most comfortable using. It was challenging to break old habits because everybody had their system. 


What was the time commitment like for the SalesRX training?

There are times that you are so busy as an independent store owner that you just can't imagine stuffing one more responsibility into your day. 

Being on the floor and selling a product to somebody while your team members are standing there watching you passively or doing something else wastes your time and depletes you emotionally. 

It came to the point where I, as a store owner, felt like I was spending an increasing amount of time asking people to be an adult and step into the role. SalesRX has taken some of that load from me.


Did you have any doubts about enrolling with SalesRX?

I have heard Bob talk quite a few times. Whenever I came back from listening to him speak at a convention, I was inspired, motivated, and ready to change the world. 

However, I needed to take some piece of that home with me to inspire my team.

What was your eureka moment?

The critical moment was when I started seeing changes. The most significant change that I saw was when we started holding people accountable in a kind manner. 

I saw people were calmer about doing their job, and they were not trying to make up their scripts anymore.

How did SalesRX help you?

Without a doubt, 2020 has had unique challenges, but we have been able to hold our own and to have had the revenue to keep our team. 

Since we increased our initiative with SalesRX about six months ago, we have been able to add three full-time team members. 

When I say we added three full-time team members, they are getting up to speed fast and have had a positive impact on our revenue in a short time. 

I can give you some hard metrics on how much more money we are making. However, the metrics that I look to are our impact on our customers and our reviews from customers. 

What are customers telling us about our team? We hear again and again that they believe that this team cares for them.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

I do recommend SalesRX quite often to people if the problem with your sales team is they are not connecting to customers. If that is your challenge, SalesRX is for you.

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