SalesRX Customer Success Story: Eli Gurock of Magic Beans

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“Our business is different because I can be confident that our customers are getting an unmatched experience every time they walk through the doors of our stores.”

Magic Beans’ Results 

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Sales associates relate better with customers
  • Increased units per transaction
  • Increased profits

How SalesRX helped Magic Beans increase sales 

  • Easy to use tools
  • Methods that can unite your sales team
  • Strategies that have stood the test of time
  • Easy-to-follow program

What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Eli Gurock. I am the owner of Magic Beans, a baby gear and toy store in Boston, Massachusetts. 

We have been using SalesRX since the holiday of 2020. In the pandemic, with fewer customers coming into the store, we needed to maximize every customer.

I could tell that we needed a sales program, and I have been following Bob Phibbs for many years. I decided it was finally time to give SalesRX a chance. 

The implications of not having SalesRX were that we were not converting as many customers as possible. Part of having a successful business has excellent repeat business. 

What we learned in the SalesRX program is that people shop with people. I could tell there were inconsistencies among my staff regarding who was connecting and who was not.

What positive feedback have you had from your staff or associates?

One of the things about SalesRX is that I do not necessarily hear feedback from the customers. They do not see that this is an approach or a ‘salesy’ moment. 

The training is encouraging our associates to be more human, vulnerable, and connected to the customers. They are getting a great experience.


What tools did you like most in the SalesRX training?

As a manager, I thought that the tools in the SalesRX program were great because accountability is one of the hardest parts. We do not know where our sales associates are at any given moment, but the tools are straightforward to use. 

In terms of a module within the SalesRX program, we always come back to the Windows of Contact. This is all about noticing something about a customer, and then the associate shares something related about themselves. 

Getting our sales associates accustomed to sharing that nugget of information about themselves and finding that vulnerability makes a world of difference.

How did SalesRX help you?

I was astonished by the results we saw in our stores during the holiday season this year. Our units per transaction were up, our dollars per transaction were up. All the key performance indicators that show the success of the season were up. 

I believe it was due to SalesRX. The sales associates are feeling way more confident. They know precisely what they need to do every time someone walks into the store. They don't have to guess. 

Our sales team has a specific program they can use to interact with every customer.


Would you recommend SalesRX?


The SalesRX program is some of the best money I spend every month because it just continuously helps my team improve and my stores improve. 

I make back all the money we spend on the training and more through increased sales and profits.

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