SalesRX Customer Success Story: Joy Quinn of The Spice & Tea Exchange

Joy Quinn, The Spice & Tea Exchange

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“SalesRX is essentially another employee. It is my cross-door sales trainer with all the content, structure, training, and trainer tools. If I did not have the program, I would need a person running around doing all this for me.”

The Spice & Tea Exchange’s Results

  • Greater standardization between stores
  • Better tracking of manager performance
  • More empowerment for sales associates
  • More developed client relationships

How SalesRX helped The Spice & Tea Exchange formalize training processes

  • Structured courses for employees of all levels
  • Targeted skills training
  • Easy to view progress indicators
  • Materials based on real sales experience

What convinced you to sign up with SalesRX?

My name is Joy Quinn, and I am a multi-unit franchisee in a specialty culinary retail concept called The Spice & Tea Exchange. 

I came across SalesRX back in 2014 or 2015 and implemented it for a three-year period. 

Now we basically have a new team in every store, so I thought re-engaging SalesRX would be a great way to provide that universal, consistent content. It ensures that every person is going through the same customer service training experience. 

What have you achieved while using SalesRX training?

It is interesting to see that most sales associates do not think they need training when they first start. It is only once they have been through a few modules that they begin to see the value of the course.

Trying to connect the dots for the associates and reassure them that we want them to be authentic is important. We are not talking about taking a car salesman approach. 

We want our sales associates to be their authentic selves and have the tools to connect with customers. They need to bridge that initial connection to open the gateway to a more open-ended conversation.

The employee can utilize their connection to focus somebody on our different products in a way that is meaningful and will result in an actual sale.

What problems were you trying to solve with SalesRX?

As our teams and volume of business grew, I did not have the bandwidth to be intimate in the training of each and every individual that we hired. A lot of that burden fell on the managers. 

The focus and quality of the training were highly variable from location to location based on the particular skill set of that manager.

What is your experience of the new and improved SalesRX? 

The most amazing thing has been the development of a manager's playbook. There is also a whole series of emails that provide focus areas, and talking points to help the manager communicate with their employees. 

SalesRX also has an employee worksheet to break down the training and provide feedback to the manager on how that session went for them.

How has SalesRX helped you manage multiple locations effectively?

SalesRX has helped me make my managers more accountable. You can see their progress with the training and their certification level. 

You can also see how they have scored in various modules. Having the actual data right there in front of you is great.

What is the main reason you recommend SalesRX to others?

I recommend SalesRX because it is professional sales training at a relatively affordable price. Especially when you consider the results you will ultimately achieve.

If you provide an amazing experience you can win a lifelong customer. Bob sees sales as a way to build that relationship. It is not about that one transaction. 

The transaction is important of course, but it is embedded in the broader context of the customer relationship and experience.

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