SalesRX Customer Success Story: Joy Lee of USA Fishing Outfitters

Joy Lee of USA Fishing Outfitters

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“In hard numbers, we were able to grow our sales this holiday season by about 20%. We broke all of our sales records at every store.”


USA Fishing Outfitters’ Results 

  • Broke sales records across all stores
  • More connections between staff at multiple locations
  • Formalized processes for greeting and interacting with customers
  • Increased brand loyalty from customers

How SalesRX helped USA Fishing Outfitters implement company-wide sales training

  • Easy to add new users and scale training to suit the business needs
  • Expert trainers with extensive retail experience
  • Proven techniques
  • A blend of video tutorials, activities, and in-person lessons

What have you been able to achieve since you began using SalesRX?

My name is Joy Lee, and I am the general manager of three fishing tackle stores in the Tampa Bay area. A lot of our sales associates appreciate that we invest time and money into training them when they join the company.

Providing training for new employees helps them know what to do, and gives the managers clear expectations to hold the associates to every day. 

With some of the techniques shown in SalesRX training, we have been able to increase our customer base and build loyalty. 

Our sales associates are now using the skill of ‘windows of content’ to build camaraderie with their customers. 

What made you choose SalesRX over other options?

Some factors that made me choose SalesRX over other options was the ease of deployment across different sites and the video lessons and quizzes along with the in-person training add a lot of value. 

Cost wise I feel that the course is affordable for a small business and it can easily be scaled to the number of employees I need to train at any given time.


What problems were you trying to solve with SalesRX?

Being a small company, we did not have a formalized training program in place. Our methods for greeting customers were inconsistent, for instance, everyone answered the phone differently. 

Some of our stores did not seem to have even a basic grasp of customer service, and SalesRX has helped us to address that. 

How has SalesRX helped you to manage multiple stores?

I think that SalesRX has helped me to grow as a general manager. I feel better equipped to manage multiple stores because I have a structured training program I can rely on. 

We created inter-store Zoom training sessions so that everybody across our stores could practice their skills.

Running these sessions taught me the value of getting our staff together to build connections and compare progress. It has made me more likely to do more activities like that in the future.\

What is the main reason you recommend SalesRX?

I definitely recommend SalesRX. I think it is good for any business leader who really wants to commit to their employees’ training. 

The directions provided with SalesRX are clear, and we even upgraded our subscription so that our users felt like they were getting fresh content. The support from Bob, Linda, and their team is phenomenal. 

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