Best Retail Blog Posts of 2014

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Before we close the book on 2014, here are some of the most popular retail blog posts from me for you in case you missed some.

10 Retail Selling Tips

Still one of my most popular posts containing retail selling tips for small businesses, service providers or commissioned salespeople.


41 Things No One Told You About Starting A Retail Business

Here are 41 things retail sales professionals have shared and that no one usually knows about starting a retail business. How many you recognize?


8 Reasons Why Your Retail Employee Turnover Is So High

High employee turnover means something isn't working in your retail store. Discover clues here.


Retailers: Understanding and Increasing Your Average Sale

Retailers must look at their Average sale and Average number of items. Here is why each is important, how to increase yours as well as your profits.


7 Cringe-Inducing Behaviors That Push Retail Customers Away

7 behaviors that push customers away  - it goes beyond customer service. Retail sales training will keep employees from making these mistakes.


How to Raise Your Retail Associates' Conversion Rate

How to raise your retail associates' conversion rate - that's the number of actual sales compared to number of visitors to your brick and mortar store.


9 Common Mistakes That Can Doom Your Retail Business

9 common mistakes that doom retailers large and small from poor location to poor training.


Hey Retailers! Nordstrom’s Customer Service Problems Are Yours Too

Retailers: Nordstrom's customer service problems are yours too. Customers notice things like I experienced several times.


Why Closing The Sale Techniques Are Dead For Retailers

Closing techniques are dead in retail sales training. Or should be.


7 Reasons Retail Competitors Have More Business Than You Do

10 reasons your retail competitors have more business than you and what you should do about it.


Why I Had To Trash My Website – And You Should Too

Website design is crucial for small and large retail businesses. Here are 12 things you should know about redesigning your website.


Are You Overlooking This Advanced Retail Selling Technique?

The advanced retail sales training technique of compare and contrast is one of the most powerful for a luxury or premium brand.


Don't Assume Customers Want The Cheaper Option

If you have younger inexperienced salespeople, they probably try to predict what someone can or can't afford. Never assume the customer wants the cheapest product.