7 Reasons Competitors Have More Retail Sales Than You

Bob Phibbs
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I hear one thing over and over again from retailers:

"I just need to attract more customers".

Heard it before the recession of 2008 ...

Heard it after...

Heard it during the housing bubble...

Still hearing it ...

So here's the blunt truth brick and mortar retailers:

7 Reasons why the retail competition has more business than you

1. They hire better people

It is next to impossible to train someone who really doesn't like people to begin with. Hire better. Your competitors do.

2. Their merchandise or service stands apart from the rest

Whether it is the boutique that carries only locally sourced jewelry or the dry cleaner that fixes a zipper you didn’t know was broken. Your competitors may be doing something you don't.

What can you do to top them?

3. They solve customers' problems

The retail competition knows their products are better and can tell their customers in a way that doesn't trip their idiot switch. Commit to retail sales training that covers more than product features.

4. They have a good website

The retail competition has invested in creating a slick modern website and understand the basic keywords that drive online traffic to their doors. Revamp your website by looking at this post,  Why I Had To Trash My Website Design – And You Should Too.

5. They don't mass discount out of desperation

The retail competition has given up mass couponing and only reward those on their email or other lists. Build your email list to retain those who have already shopped with you.

6. They try new things

Remember how powerful collaborating with other retailers can be. Don't ever be afraid to try new marketing practices - even if it is something you might not use yourself.

You can search for all kinds of ideas right here on this blog.

7. They don't keep comparing themselves to others

The retailers you compete with hold themselves accountable for their actions, for their choices in products, and for the people they employ.

So quit reading this now, hang up the phone or get off Facebook and help the customer in front of you.

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Get ahead of the retail competition

Tired of hating your competition?

Then do something about it.  

Use the seven tips above to improve your store and sales strategy. But most of all, train your staff, so they can realize their maximum potential and get you those sales.

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