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How To Get Retail Shoppers To Make Unexpected Purchases In Your Store

Bob Phibbs

One of the best things you can hear in a retail store is, “I was just walking by and spotted this and I had to have it.”

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Topics: Merchandising, Retail Sales Training, Shopper behavior

How Your Merchandising Can Influence Customers To Increase Retail Sales

Bob Phibbs

There was a time when great merchandising was a valuable tool in a retailer’s arsenal against competitors.  Now it’s a cost-saving area.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Merchandising, visual merchandising, suggestive selling

Retailers, What Good Is Big Data If You Don’t Use It To Boost Conversion Rates?

Bob Phibbs

When I was working with a franchise startup, we were seeking a POS system that could grow with us. The winner had multiple reporting capabilities.

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Topics: Merchandising, Retail Sales Training, conversion rate, IBM, Shoppertrak, big data

How To Improve Your Cash Flow By Balancing Your Merchandise

Bob Phibbs

You know within an employee's first 30 days whether they can do the job, right?

The biggest drain on a retailers’ cash flow can also be seen within the first 30 days …

It's your merchandise.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Merchandising, cash flow

Should You Be Tricking Customers To Grow Your Retail Sales?

Bob Phibbs



I was waiting for the snow to clear, de-icing to commence and basically to get to Florida last fall when I picked up United's in-flight magazine Hemispheres.

It featured a profile on Brian Wansink's work to get kids to eat better in the school cafeteria. It was a fascinating study of how humans behave.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Customer Service, Merchandising

Preparing For Christmas: How To Unclutter Your Retail Store

Bob Phibbs


Like food...

Like alcohol...

Like a lot of things ... can be good. 

Until you have too much.

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Topics: Merchandising, Retail Holiday Sales

5 Ways How Any Small Business or Retail Shop Can Maximize Cash Flow

Bob Phibbs

Cash flow (maintaining a sufficient amount of available cash) for small retailers is one of the least sexy topics I'm asked about and one of the most daunting tasks facing a small business owner.

That's because there are always cash demands that crop up on a on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis including payroll, accounts payable and taxes and most don't create a budget.

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Topics: Merchandising, Financials, cash flow

Retail Signage: Examples of How Not To Talk To Your Customers [Pics]

Bob Phibbs

When you are coming up with signage for your retail store, you must be careful you don't upset customers unknowingly. As a retail speaker I'm asked to help demystify merchandising and retail signage so audience members can create kick-butt displays that sell. I reveal the nine types of displays, what makes them different and how to use them.

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Topics: Merchandising

How To Visual Merchandise And Create Killer Retail Display Windows

Bob Phibbs

Visual Merchandising is something many retailers feel challenged by.

What to put in the store window? What to put with it? How much to put in the window?

These are great questions to ask yourself, after all, your window is your brand.

It's a physical elevator speech of why a customer should walk in your doors.

While there are similarities to visually merchandising your in-store displays, store windows seem to be the bastard children of most retailers.

Forgotten, alone, filled with odds and ends...and littered with dead flies.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Merchandising

Visual Merchandising Fixtures: The Future Is Round

Bob Phibbs

Before I tell you about visual merchandisng your store, a question...

How many times did you hear your mom tell you to never run with scissors or be careful, you’ll cut yourself?

We all did.

Instinctively we avoid sharp objects and that has unknowingly worked against retailers.

Michelle Adams, PepsiCo’s vice president of customer strategy and shopper insights, told the LEADS conference that they are finding that rounded fixtures and shelving are delivering more sales than those with

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Topics: Merchandising

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