SalesRX Customer Success Story: Tony Drockton of Hammitt

Tony Drockton of Hammitt

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“My biggest win with SalesRX was seeing the people that would embrace it and the ones that did not. The ones that did not have all been replaced. It has become the bar of acceptance to be successful at Hammitt.”

Hammitt’s Results 

  • Developed their system of direct sales
  • Transferred sales techniques to online sales
  • Successfully transitioned from a wholesale model
  • A high level of enthusiasm from sales associates

How SalesRX helped Hammitt to develop a solid direct sales team

  • Proven skills and techniques
  • Small, easy-to-digest lesson modules
  • Self-paced sales training that fits around busy schedules
  • Instructors with decades of experience

What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Tony Drockton, and I am the founder and chief cheerleader of Hammitt Los Angeles, a women's handbag and accessories line. 

The company has been around for about 13 years, and we launched with SalesRX almost two years ago. We opened our first retail store in Southern California and embedded it into our virtual sales, which everyone had to embrace during the pandemic. 

Training is a consistent challenge for any brand, including ourselves. In an ideal world, you hire somebody ready to go, and they crush it, but those people all have jobs. 

I quickly realized that the sales team for our first retail store needed better selling skills. When I walked into our retail store, I was not feeling the energy I wanted for our customers. 

We feel it is super important that a customer gets greeted right when they walk into our store.

What convinced you that training was necessary?

The days of not training your staff and thinking they will do great are over if you want to grow a new brand. Thinking you cannot train your employees is a mindset that is far from gone, but I feel like we are at an inflection point.

What positive feedback have you had from customers or your associates?

Some people embrace the training, and they are just killing it. A couple of them have moved off the retail floor into higher positions in the company because of that. 

The people who do not embrace SalesRX principles will not make it at Hammitt. It is that simple!

What tools to manage the SalesRX training do you like most?

When I went through the initial five or six training modules, I fell in love with how basic and straightforward it is. The course is easy to understand and is broken into five to fifteen-minute chunks. 

This is initially why I pushed it down to my team. I clarified that if they liked what they saw, we would go with it, and they jumped on the opportunity. 

From a founder's perspective, the ease of use, simplicity, and low commitment on time, are the things that have worked for me with SalesRX.

How did SalesRX help you?

When I think about the transformation of our brand, literally three years ago, we were almost all wholesale. 

We were focused on educating specialty owners and people on our department store selling floor on how to sell our product. That worked to some extent, but then we started working directly with our customers. 

I loved it because I was able to use the old school skills that I learned in my dad's little grocery store in Ohio, which is, we carried the people's groceries out, you say hello, you say goodbye, you connect to them, you welcome them back in, it's like family. 

When I saw SalesRX, it seemed perfect. The methods they teach are how I learned how to sell way back then. The transformation has been getting our people to embrace direct sales skills.

When selling wholesale, the internal team considered our customer the boutique owner. Now, our most important customer internally is that one person buying the Hammitt bag. 

If that customer is not happy with every interaction, we will not reach our goal of becoming America's fastest-growing, number-one handbag brand. 

Would you recommend SalesRX?

It is a simple ‘yes’ from me. I would definitely recommend the program. We've been using SalesRX for a year and a half and have expanded the number of users. 

If you are committed to having a better sales team, if your associates want to close more sales, and if you want your customers to have a better experience, you should find a training that fits. For us, that training is SalesRX.

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