SalesRX Customer Success Story: Jason Delves of Gracious Home

Jason Delves of Gracious Home

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“We have some people that sell more individually than some of our stores do collectively. Even those guys who know how to sell learned that SalesRX was helping them gain new skills and do even better in 2021.”

Gracious Home Results 

  • Addressed critical issues identified through secret shopper feedback

  • Improved sales across several brands

  • More motivation among the sales team

  • An overall improved customer experience

How SalesRX helped Gracious Home increase sales and improve the customer experience

  • Skills and techniques developed from years of experience

  • Easy to follow lessons, with interactive exercises

  • Tailored to their specific context

  • Highly experienced instructors


What challenges did you have before you took the SalesRX training?

My name is Jason Delves, and I'm the President and CEO of F9 Brands, which is a holding company with Cabinets To Go, Gracious Home, Southwind Building Products, and Thos. Baker Outdoor Furniture under its management.

We started a ‘Secret Shopper’ program in all of our stores. In the entire company, only myself, the owner, and our Director of Merchandising knew what was going on. 

By doing this, we got true information about our sales force and what customers were potentially experiencing going into our stores. 

Unfortunately, we were shocked that we sell as much as we do, based on some of the feedback from the secret shoppers! 

We realized that we needed to do a better job of investing in our people. This meant training them to be better salespeople and do a better job on the overall customer experience. 

What caused you to sign up with SalesRX?

All of our regional managers and I went through the SalesRX program. Even for me, all the things it taught were amazing. 

SalesRX is great for sales training, but they also give great tips for general interactions with customers.

How did SalesRX help you?

Our sales have continued to grow, and our employee retention has increased significantly. If you make someone a better salesperson, they will be happier with their job. 

More importantly, what drives most people at the end of the day, is making more money, because they are selling more. 

We have a commission-based system that has proven highly motivating for employees, especially since SalesRX has given them the skills to sell more and make more.

What aspects of the SalesRX program exceeded your expectations? 

So many of our salespeople, even our best, have really bought into the SalesRX training and really acknowledged it taught them something.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

No matter how good your salespeople are, SalesRX can teach them something. If other retailers are not doing ‘Secret Shopper’, they really should. 

It will open your eyes to how much better you can be with a program like SalesRX. We have been thrilled with the results, and I would highly recommend this program because of its overall effectiveness and ease of use.

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