SalesRX Customer Success Story: The Hollidays of Children's World

Tim and Cynthia Holliday of Children's World

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“Where I see the impact is when we bring a new employee in and can compare those who have followed the system successfully against those learning the system. You can see the difference in their confidence, how they react with the customers, and their ability to get the full sale.”

Children's World’s Results 

  • A unified sales system for employees to follow
  • More impactful conversations with customers
  • Positive reactions to the five-step sales system
  • Increased conversions and sales

How SalesRX helped Children's World implement new sales strategies

  • Small, easy to follow lesson modules
  • Personalized coaching and advice
  • Techniques that have an immediate impact
  • Strategies informed by years of experience

What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Cynthia Holliday, and along with my husband, Tim Holliday, we own Children's World and Business World. 

We are a full retail school uniform store, along with specialty toys, games, and gift ideas. Early on, we were new in the retail business.

To begin with, we were not skilled at making sales or communicating with customers or building rapport. Seeing the techniques offered by SalesRX was interesting.

Knowing the right questions to ask a customer so that you can have an open conversation with them and make that sale is so powerful. 

Bob just had such good points. He was fascinating to listen to, and that's why we have continued to follow him for all these years.

What is the time commitment for SalesRX training?

The course is broken into these small little segments. They are only about 10 to 15 minutes long. The time invested in going through them will pay off in the long run.

Did you have any doubts about enrolling with SalesRX?

I had doubts at first, but it is a great system. As soon as you start to use the basic five-step sales process to greet a customer differently, you see the positive reactions. 

Seeing early success like this makes you want to continue to move forward. If you are using the system and following it, you will see the reward.

What was your eureka moment?

We have a post office in our store, so we get a constant stream of people. You have to figure out how to connect with them, turn them around, and then build relationships for the other side of the store. 

With this one lady, he was just cordial with her and had a conversation. He found out this woman served in World War II and was a medical person on the front lines. 

She had the most interesting story. The key to the whole system is to have an open heart, to communicate and learn about your customers, then to go ahead and flip it around and sell to them.

How did SalesRX help you?

Where I see the difference is when you bring a new employee in, you have those that have done and followed the system and are doing it successfully. 

Then you have someone that's learning the system. You can see the difference in how they react with the customers, with confidence, or even getting the full sale that they should.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

Just think about how much money most stores spend on advertising, on the radio, or in print. You spend that money, and it is gone, and you are hoping that it gets you a return. 

I would encourage people to take part of their budget for one of those ads and put it towards the SalesRX system. I will bet you can get a much higher return by doing that than skipping one, or two, of those ads.

The return on advertising can be unclear sometimes, but you will see immediate results with this course. Besides, it is a yearly renewal, so try it for a year and see for yourself how valuable it is. 

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