SalesRX Customer Success Story: Richard Tubman of Circle Furniture

Richard Tubman Circle Furniture

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“SalesRX has helped people have fun at work. Bob is engaging to listen to, and the program was enjoyable. Straight-up sales training can, on occasion, be dry. Bob brings a level of fun and enjoyment to it.”

Circle Furniture’s Results 

  • Renewed enthusiasm amongst sales staff
  • A more fun and enjoyable workplace
  • New and effective sales strategies
  • Up to 25% monthly increases in sales

How SalesRX helped Circle Furniture to increase sales

  • Personalized onboarding and an individual approach
  • Real-life roleplay exercises
  • Flexible online learning platform
  • Access to a dynamic online communityWhat was it like before you had SalesRX?

My name is Richard Tubman, and for the vast majority of my career, I have run a chain of retail stores called Circle Furniture in and around Boston, Massachusetts. 

I had heard Bob speak on a couple of occasions, and one of the main things that I loved about was his enthusiasm and optimism for the future of retail. 

When the pandemic hit and our stores were locked down for three months, it was easy to get into a pessimistic mindset. Shortly after we reopened, we signed on with Bob. 

We enjoyed Bob’s enthusiasm and optimism in such difficult times and his passion for what we do.

What problems were you trying to solve with SalesRX?

Coming out of the pandemic, everybody was a little bit gun shy. We didn't know how to approach customers, and everything felt different.

We have seven retail locations, and it was a real challenge to get consistency across all of our stores in terms of how we interacted and dealt with customers.

What have you been able to achieve since using SalesRX?

Since we reopened, we have had record-breaking sales every single month. We are seeing unprecedented growth. 

In the past, if we had 5% or 8% growth in a month, we were thrilled. Now we see 18%, 20%, or even 25%. We have never experienced growth like this before.

What has exceeded your expectations since working with SalesRX?

I think people have more fun at work. Sales are growing, which also makes people enjoy work more. It's more fun to go to work when things are good and when things are busy. As I have mentioned Bob's optimism and enthusiasm is infectious. 

Do you have any stories about using the SalesRX process with your customers?

Experienced staff, in particular, felt like they already knew it all or were quite set in their way of doing things. We had to convince them to give some new strategies a try. 

We did have people modify some of their tried and true methods with a bit of variation in the greeting or slight difference in the approach, and those worked right from the beginning.

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