SalesRX Customer Success Story: Sondra Kirtley from Scrapper’s Edge

Sondra Kirtley, Scrapper's Edge

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“The main reason I would recommend SalesRX is that it teaches you and your staff how to stand apart from the competition. You will not get this type of customer service if you walk into a big-box store. You are definitely not going to get it if somebody orders online from some big company.”

Scrapper’s Edge’s Results 

  • An easy-to-use training program
  • Greater consistency in sales techniques
  • An improved customer experience
  • Tools and techniques for framing customer interactions

How SalesRX helped Scrapper’s Edge improve its customer communication strategies

  • Short, easy-to-digest videos
  • Highly engaging role-play activities
  • Expert tutors dedicated to your success
  • Proven tools and techniques

What features sold you on buying SalesRX?

My name is Sondra Kirtley, and I am the owner of Scrapper's Edge in Eureka, California. We have been here almost 17 years, and I was looking for a training program for our staff. 

They are excellent, short videos, so it does not take much time for the employees. Then there is an interactive aspect because the team members must answer questions. 

You know they are paying attention and need to pay attention, or they cannot move forward. 

What was it like before you had SalesRX?

Before SalesRX, we were not consistent with training. I would try to find a couple of videos on the internet a week, one product training-based and one more soft-skills-based like we are learning with SalesRX. 

Honestly, I wasn't consistent at it. Things would get busy, life would get in the way, and I could not find a good video that was quite right. With SalesRX, everything seems so much better. 

Not only is the training so well done, but it is also in short, bite-sized pieces, so it is acceptable from the staff perspective. They like it, talk about it, and enjoy the role-playing. Overall this training has made an enormous difference.

What made you happiest about working with SalesRX?

I think what made me happiest about working with SalesRX is Bob and Linda. They are very committed to our success, and the system is easy to implement. 

Do you have any stories about using the SalesRX system?

One of the things they teach us is the hell zone, which is the entrance to the store and how customers need to come in and feel comfortable first and not ‘attacked’ or greeted too quickly. 

When you are more relaxed in your greeting and say something like, "Hey, good morning. Feel free to look around; we'll be right with you," the customer usually responds with, "Oh, thank you." Instead of, 

It is a different demeanor. The customers feel more relaxed and do not feel pressured.

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