SalesRX Customer Success Story: Lauren Rudeck of Robot vs. Sloth

Lauren Rudeck of Robot vs. Sloth

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“Being able to turn around customers who are ‘just looking,' or brushing us off and getting them to buy something and be excited about the store has been fun and exciting.”

Robot vs Sloth’s Results 

  • An increase in customer conversions from 35% to 52%
  • Clearer expectations for employees
  • More genuine and productive conversations with customers
  • Increased motivation for the sales team

How SalesRX helped Robot vs Sloth improve customer conversions

  • Expert coaches that help you to identify critical issues
  • Proven strategies and techniques
  • Short, to the point instructional videos
  • Flexible learning options

How did SalesRX help you?

My name is Lauren Rudeck, and I own Robot vs Sloth in Seattle, Washington. I sell my artwork as well as about 30 local and out-of-state artists. I have been using SalesRX for about six months. 

Our most significant metric is our looker to buyer ratio. Pre-pandemic, this was usually about 15%. Before SalesRX, it was around 35%, and now it is between 48% and 52%. 

The biggest thing is interacting with the customer, seeing what they are looking at, getting to know them, and suggesting other things and add-on items. Being aware of this has helped with our looker to buyer ratio. 

It is almost a competition between the employees and us as far as suggesting items or getting a higher price point sale.

What challenges did you have before you took the SalesRX training?

Before SalesRX, my biggest challenge was not having fully trained employees. We just threw them onto the sales floor and hoped they would figure it out.

When we did not have SalesRX, there were missed sales and a lack of customer service. Employees would chat with each other or say hello to people when they walked in but ignore them until they approached the register. 

The biggest thing for me was a feeling of frustration. I would have expectations of my staff, and they would not understand them, or I felt like they were ignoring them.

What positive feedback have you had from your customers or sales associates?

My team has said that SalesRX helps them understand how to make a sale and suggest things to customers coming in.

I think the one thing that all of us have enjoyed is how to get to know our customers better.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

I would absolutely recommend SalesRX to anyone who wants to help increase sales and interact with customers better. It will also help you properly train employees, so they know how to sell.

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