SalesRX Customer Success Story: Deanna Wallin of Naples Soap Company

Deanna Wallin of Naples Soap Company

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“I just kick myself in the backside because I wish I had started with SalesRX so much earlier. Bob and his team are phenomenal to work with, and they care.”

Naples Soap Company’s Results 

  • A 10% to 25% increase in sales

  • Built a solid foundation of sales knowledge within the organization

  • Increased enthusiasm for self-development among sales associates

  • A new sales culture

How SalesRX helped Naples Soap Company increase sales across their network of stores

  • Expert instructors

  • Proven sales techniques

  • Tailored to individual needs

  • Flexible learning options

What challenges did you have before you started with SalesRX?

My name is Deanna Wallin, and I own a company called Naples Soap Company that I started 11 years ago. We make multi-channel sales of natural and organic bath and body products. 

The challenge was that we did not have specific retail sales training, it was not easily teachable, and there was no solution on the market. 

A lot of people may have a natural tendency to be salespeople. Some of us are just born salespeople. Others have to work a little harder.

What is the time commitment for SalesRX training?

If you think you do not have time to implement SalesRX training, make the time. It adds a tremendous amount of value to your organization. 

SalesRX gives everyone a rock-solid foundation. It allows everyone to talk the same talk and walk the same walk. It creates a much greater and consistent customer experience.

Did you have any doubts about enrolling with SalesRX?

It is always unnerving to figure out if you will get results from something, especially intangible things like teaching sales techniques. 

Bob and his team do an incredible job of walking you through the whole process, and they are always available for questions. Having that access to the team was huge for me, and it helped alleviate some of our fears.

What was your eureka moment?

The staff was so engaged with the training that they kept trying to work ahead of the program, and we had to pull them back a little bit. They were so excited, and they were so enthusiastic! 

We have extensive product training, but the basic sales techniques of greeting and engaging were essential for our staff to learn. 

Once they sunk their teeth into the course, they realized that selling is not a specific art someone is gifted with; it is something you could learn and teach.

How did SalesRX help you?

The financial aspect has been phenomenal. We have seen sales increases of 10% to 25% in some locations. We have ten brick-and-mortar stores to make those comparisons. 

Another aspect is that SalesRX creates a much greater sense of community within our organization. We have built a sales culture because now they are speaking the same language.

Would you recommend SalesRX?

It took me a couple of years to get off the fence, but to be honest with you, I just kick myself in the backside because I wish I had started with SalesRX so much earlier. 

Bob and his team are phenomenal to work with, and they care. They care about the success of their clients, and they care about helping you over any hurdles you are hitting.

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