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Neiman Marcus Visit Illustrates Why Brick And Mortar Stores Are Losing Money

I was in Dallas a few weeks ago and decided to visit the Neiman Marcus flagship store.

Direct-To-Consumer Retail Brands Are Damaging The Environment, Here's The Fix

It’s almost hard to remember how we used to buy mattresses.

How To Be Here Next Year: 5 Steps Retailers Need To Embrace To Compete With Online

Many retailers have embraced digital as the be-all and end-all. Many pundits and retail experts are telling us the only way to survive is to bring...

How To Make 2019 A Year You're Not Ashamed Of And Grow Your Retail Sales

Another year has closed. For some, it was record-breakingly good.

One thing that is true across the board, last year was a year fraught with ups...

My Top 10 Best Retail Blog Posts Of 2018: Must-Reads For Brick And Mortar Retailers Looking For How To Compete With Amazon

Here are the 10 must-read blog posts for reliable, retail-focused information on everything from staffing issues to marketing to design and...

10 Ways To Arrange Your Store When It Is Crowded With Merchandise In December

Holiday merchandising is always hard.  A lifetime ago I managed a western wear store in South Coast Plaza, the nation’s number one mall, and I...

Are Your Employees Building Up Your Online Store While Sabotaging Your Margins?

A lot of attention is being given to how online retail is growing. But what if that growth isn't coming entirely from consumer demand, but...

How To Improve Your Email Marketing To Increase Retail Sales During December

We've officially begun the holiday season and retailers are all over the map with their holiday retail sales predictions.

Here's mine: I expect ...

LinkedIn’s Top Voices Retail 2018 | Here’s What Drives Me

This past week I was named as one of the top voices in retail on LinkedIn along with others including NBC reporter Lauren Thomas. I figured my...

8 Ways To Use Small Business Saturday To Grow Holiday Retail Sales


Looking for a strong way to promote your business and how to attract customers using Small Business Saturday? 

It's Not Boredom, Your Associates Have Retail Hypnosis

Sleeping with the Eyes Open, a 1929 study, theorized that people in monotonous situations tended to enter a sleep-like state without closing their...

9 Best Practices To Get Shoppers To Buy During the Holidays

I usually stay away from writing best practice posts because what can be a best practice for one retailer doesn’t apply to another. In this case,...

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The 5 Shifts Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Are Making to Generate Up to 20% Higher Profits Every Month

Are you a hungry brick-and-mortar store owner who’s ready for a fresh, people-obsessed strategy? This training is for you if you want to grow your business using a powerful customer experience formula proven to make your cash register chirp.

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