How Does Online Retail Sales Training Work?

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Retailers, are you meeting your retail employees' training needs? Online retail sales training programs can help you provide better customer service and develop long-term relationships between your associates and your customers.

Customers need more than your products. The whole selling experience has to be meaningful to customers in one way or another or they won't put down their devices and buy from your staff.

It is friendly, efficient, simple, informed...

Or it is none of these.

Why is retail sales training important? With high turnover, low pay rates, and general insecurity in their work, staff can find well-done online retail sales training programs uplifting, motivational, self-satisfying, and a sign of respect.

But specifically, how is an online retail sales training program better than an instructor-led training? Often the cost of time off the floor coupled with travel just isn't practical. Having your own in-house instructor is often ineffective as they struggle to keep up with going from store to store. Couple that with just finding the time for training sessions can be daunting.

As a result of this, even at the C-level you may have even thought you could just ignore effective sales training and hoped staff would learn on the job.

But in a world where most consumers can find just about any product knowledge they need online ...

The only way to stand out in your brick and mortar store is to invest in the soft skills of your associates.           

And if you can't afford bringing a sales trainer like me who understands retail is different than selling cars or life insurance to personally train every one of your employees, an online retail sales training program can be the answer.          

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Retailers want and need certain features that only an online retail sales training program can offer:

  • Ability for your staff to interact with the training sessions in real time.

  • High impact, contemporary videos for a contemporary audience.

  • Certification of completed training to motivate and reward.

  • Courses for managers alone, so they know how keep the training going on the sales floor.

  • Instant access to track how individuals are progressing.

  • One-to-one training available for employees anywhere they work.

  • Available 24/7 on laptop, PC, tablet, or store computer.

  • Reporting capabilities for accountability.

How will an online retail sales training program help with your challenges?

  • Give them a sales process that is easy to understand and that results in higher customer satisfaction

  • Turn-key system you can work without needing additional resources.
    You want employees to feel and embrace the system's values, be practical and be personal.

  • It must train how to show genuine engagement with customers.

Your online training must be able to ...

  • Demonstrate the opportunity to be more human in an unfeeling world.

  • Build rapport.

  • Bring customers back to your retail store by developing a relationship with staff members.

  • Move the merchandise through a meaningful process.

  • Sell from confidence and not from figuring a discount on a calculator.

  • Handle objections and add-on to any sale.

How online retail sales training program works.

  • Once you purchase the license for the system, you would go to a specific login page.
  • Your online learning portal may require you to add your users and the system would email them their unique login credentials. You do not want to share a single login or you will not be able to take advantage of the many reporting features.
  • It is important that whoever will be tasked to shepherd the training goes through the training courses before you ever assign training to your sales professionals.
  • Your online retail sales training program should have separate management training or train-the-trainer coursework included. It is also important that they not only go through the courses but they pass the tests with high scores. If not you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • In SalesRX, my streaming sales training program, we suggest the managers start about three weeks before the associates.

How can you improve the skills of your retail sales employees alongside online retail sales training?

The key is going slow enough to present only one or two concepts per week and then using blended learning to practice what they learned using role-play before they use their knowledge with actual customers. Then your store managers can be coaching how to use the training solutions you purchased and increase your sales. And just like your management training, you can track an individual's progress, a whole store or an entire region.

How do you get your team to adopt retail sales training methods?

The key to getting your retail sales associates to take in-house training or online training courses is to have a meeting and get all of their questions answered at the outset before staff members have a chance to be swayed against the learning or the lessons. Finally, you must hold the learner accountable for actually using the online courses to be more engaging with customers. If you aren't willing to fire someone for not doing what is taught - save your money and plan your going-out-of-business sale because you simply won't survive.

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In Sum

If you're looking for how to enjoy better customer service, develop long-term relationships, and actually sell your merchandise, an online training program has a lot to offer.

Look for a track record of success, a process that connects with retail employees of all ages, with quality source materials and easy delivery abilities.

You're in luck, I offer a virtual online retail training program capable of doing all of that in a scalable manner.

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