How Online Retail Sales Training Works

By Bob Phibbs

how online retail sales training worksRetailers, are you meeting your retail employees' training needs? Are you confident you know what they are?

You should...

That's because customers need more than your products. The whole selling experience has to be meaningful to customers in one way or another.

It is friendly, efficient, simple, informed...

Or it is none of these.

Large or small, your retail brand benefits from retail sales training. With high turnover, low pay rates, and general insecurity in their work, staff can find well-done online retail sales training uplifting, motivational, self-satisfying, and a sign of respect.

Retail managers and owners like you struggle to find time for the training that needs to be done and to cycle new employees through a selling system as they come on board. You might have shopped for cost effective training awhile ago or worked through every 3-ring binder and sales manual in your library.

Some of you, even at the C-level may have even thought you could just ignore it and staff would learn on the job.

But in a world where most consumers can find just about anything they need online, the only way to standout in your brick and mortar store is to invest in the soft skills of retail sales training. And if you can't afford bringing a retail consultant like me to personally train every one of your employees, online retail sales training can be the answer.

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Retailers want and need certain features that only an online retail sales training program can offer:

  • Ability for employees to interact with the training system in real time.

  • High impact, contemporary videos for a contemporary audience.

  • Certification of completed training to motivate and reward.

  • Courses for managers alone, so they know how keep the training going on the sales floor.

  • Instant access to track how employees are progressing.

  • One-to-one training available for employees anywhere they work.

  • Available 24/7 on laptop, PC, tablet, or store computer.

  • Reporting capabilities for accountability.

  • Turn-key system you can work without needing additional resources.

You want employees to feel and embrace the system's values, be practical and be personal. It must train how to:

  • Show genuine engagement with customers.

  • Demonstrate humanity in an unfeeling world.

  • Build rapport.

  • Bring customers back to the store by developing a relationship.

  • Move the merchandise through a meaningful process.

  • Sell from confidence and not from figuring a discount on a calculator.

  • Handle objections and add-on to any sale.

The simplicity of using the Internet for your training is simple. Once you purchase the license for the system, you login, add your users and assign training to them. That's it. You can track an individual's progress, a whole store or an entire region.

But I get it... sales training can be tough for any size retailer.

For smaller retailers, training programs can be expensive, and taking people off the floor is not easy to do with a small staff.

The largest retailers embrace online training as easier to manage, more productive, and cost-effective but may be using dated materials and training platforms.

Luxury brands understand the value of live presentations, but they also understand the daily realities of off-siting in large numbers, synchronizing multi-site demands, and finding a dynamic trainer.

In Sum

Look for an online program that has successfully been proven, a process that connects with retail employees of all ages, and quality materials and delivery skills.

You're in luck, I offer a virtual online sales training program capable to do all of that in a scalable manner.

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