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7 Leadership Training Skills To Make Your Store More Successful

Management has the ability to make or break a team of retail employees. Too strict and few will want to work for the leader, too lax and the store...

The Litmus Test For Customer Service Interaction - How Do You Measure Up?

I was staying at the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise Ireland and walked into the restaurant to have breakfast. I’d never seen a breakfast buffet...

7 Customer Service Skills Your Employees Need to Succeed

I was with a friend who was looking for a new pair of sneakers yesterday at Dick’s Sporting Goods. He found an associate and he told him what he...

5 Employee Training Methods for Slow Times

Looking for ideas to keep employees busy?

7 Customer Service Techniques To Increase Sales Right Now

In the retail world, customer service often matters more than the price tag. When people find the perfect fit, they're usually willing to find a...

5 Cost-Saving Initiatives Your Retail Operation Must Have

They say you have to spend money to make money, but you also have to save money to make money. 

Manager Training Program Pitfalls - Why Your Retail Business Needs An Upgrade Now

Retail brands are in trouble. Even top brands like Nine West and Bon Ton have gone belly up.

Your retail business needs to be continually...

10 Easily Overlooked Customer Service Tips

When was the last time you had a negative customer service experience?

2018 Retail Assessment Reveals 10 Shocking Lacks In Best Practices

What is the current state of the retail industry? To no one’s surprise, most retailers see customer service as their most important challenge.

Starbucks Shows Why Retailers Must Be The Drivers Of Social Change

This past week, Starbucks announced they were closing 8000 of their US locations for bias training after a manager called Philadelphia police to...

48 MUST Ask Questions To Help You Select The Best Point Of Sale POS Retail Software

A question I’m asked frequently is how to select the best POS system software.  It’s important because a point of sale system for small business...

5 Retail Management Practices That Can Bring A Customer First Focus To Your Store

When I was selling cowboy clothes in the Santa Monica Place mall back in 1982, I received a call. “I’m Kris Kristofferson’s manager, do you have a...

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