24 Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service by Personality Style

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Personality styles have fascinated salespeople since the Greeks first identified them as the Four Temperaments.

That’s because personality styles can give any retail salesperson, from novice to seasoned pro, another way to cut out the fluff and connect with customers quickly by talking to them how they want to be talked to.

Those who master personality styles can have meaningful conversations that value both the customer and the salesperson. And that leads to higher sales.

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Here are the do's and don’ts of customer service by personality style:


  • Do use your innate ability to meet and greet customers in your store.
  • Do use your natural fearlessness to juggle more than one customer.
  • Do lead your customers to new choices they may not think they can afford.
  • Don’t overwhelm a customer with your personal opinions or fast-talking over them.
  • Don’t talk your way out of a sale by trying to ascertain if the customer can afford your merchandise.
  • Don’t use 1960s closing techniques to try to make the customer buy. Be real. Use a sales process and know how to modify it to make the sale.


  • Do use your natural problem-solving ability.
  • Do use your technical knowledge to highlight the little things most salespeople ignore.
  • Do use your patient nature to stick with customers who may not know what they are looking for.
  • Don’t overwhelm customers with your knowledge. The old saw, Don’t tell a customer how to build a watch when they want to know the time applies to you.
  • Don’t pour water on a customer’s choice just because they don’t know as much as you do – educate them so they are smarter customers.
  • Don’t show customers a cheaper place to buy something unless you want to be out of a job.


  • Do use your energy and creativity to help customers see things in a new light.
  • Do use your enthusiasm for new products to make a sale.
  • Do use your ability to mix and match to show customers how they can personalize their purchases.
  • Don’t overstate facts to make a sale.
  • Don’t present too many options, or you could overwhelm a customer with choice.
  • Don’t be so eager to meet people that you smother them enthusiastically; modify your energy based on the customer’s personality style.


  • Do use your caring nature to understand what your customer is trying to solve.
  • Do use your patience to help customers feel appreciated and valued.
  • Do use your ability to listen... to hear how you can help.
  • Don’t let your fear of risk keep you from approaching a potential customer or pitching the most expensive product.
  • Don’t make customers come to you; get out from behind the counter and engage them.
  • Don’t be content only to show customers the merchandise. Push yourself to get them to buy it from you today at full price.

In Sum

These are not all the answers to using personality styles in retail sales and customer service, but they give you some highlights.

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