10 Best Retail Sales Training Blog Posts of 2013

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As regular readers of this blog know, I write a lot about how to improve retail from management, to marketing, from managing cash flow to customer service. And of course, the one major brands and luxury retailers come to me for the most retail sales training.

2013 was a big year for me as the Retail Doctor as I was finally able to bring all my retail sales training online with SalesRX.com. Now in use in various countries across the world, it is improving conversion rates, lowering turnover and more importantly, helping employees in their personal lives.

Many people first came to know my teachings through this blog that has over 500 articles on better retailing. If you missed these ten popular blog posts on my site during 2013, here they are. Two business makeovers proved a tie for third place. See how many posts you haven't read and please share with your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn friends:

#10 - How To Create Compelling Signage For Your Retail Store. Some of the greatest sins in retailing are the lack of signage, their lack of personality and the confusing message they often convey to customers.

#9 - Balancing Retail Inventory: Making Friends With Clearance. Many retailers tiptoe around inventory markdowns, and it is unnecessary. Your money is already gone; holding on to it just ties you to the past.

#8 - How To Raise Your Retail Associates' Conversion Rate. Brick and mortar retail stores face the daunting challenge of getting their retail associates to convert customers who are lookers into ones who are buyers. Knowing that ratio and working to increase it is the job of smart managers.

#7 - How To Approach A Retail Customer - In A Good Way. It seems the easiest thing to understand but many retailers struggle with the first words out of an employee's mouth.

#6 - 12 Retail Industry Trends for 2013. My annual compendium of trends affecting retailers, their customers and employees.

#5 - Groupon Review: Worst Marketing For Your Local Business. Astounds me that this post is still going strong. If you are thinking of offering one, see why not.

#4 - Retail Sales Training Tips For Exceptional Customer Service. Sort of a "best of" post with 12 additional posts based on my work as a retail sales trainer and retail consultant.

#3A - Small Business Makeover: Black Horse. I do a lot of business makeovers and consulting. This story of a rural business makeover proved popular on my Facebook and Twitter pages as I told the story.

#3B - Small Business Makeover: Mascot Studio. The importance of owning your own space as a retailer took a personal turn as I did a makeover of a friend's gallery in Manhattan.

#2 - How to Attract Customers and Increase Foot Traffic To Your Store. Learn ten tips any retailer can use to market themselves via their store's external appearance.

#1 - 10 Retail Selling Tips Everybody sells whether they call it that or not. Discover these ten tips to make sure you get the most from your crew so you can provide great customer service.

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If you'd like to review my best retail sales posts from 2012, they are here.

Again my thanks for reading and best wishes for a profitable New Year!