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Welcome to the Retail Doctor’s Resource Center!

Are you looking to answer these common questions?

  • How can I develop my selling skills?
  • Where to find customers?
  • How to do my small business marketing?

Good, you will find a wealth of answers, quizzes and resources for retailers of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to the single-store operator.

Here are some of the retail resources to help you improve your retail selling, hiring and firing skills so you can strengthen your team and grow your business.

Three Special Reports

Retailers face new issues in technology, training and marketing every day. These are some of the retail special reports I’ve created to help you sort through the real issues behind lower sales, showrooming and retail management.

23 Retail Trends That Will Cause Brick and Mortar Retailers To Lose Sleep in 2014 retail trends 2014

Retailers aren’t going to sit back and let online and mobile make their four walls into their virtual showroom. No matter whether you are a large conglomerate or one of the 95% of independent retailers with only one location, you need to be on top of the things most likely to impact your profitability.

generation gap special reportRetail Generation Gap -Why Premium Brands are Stuck: A Special Report

A Boomer customer is met on your retail sales floor by a generation that grew up with no particular loyalty which means your premium goods will sit. Here’s what to do.

Manifesto: Bricks & Mortar Retailing At Risk In The Digital Age retail sales training

Retail trends point to less shoppers and more chances for brick and mortar stores to become irrelevant. Discover the ways to combat the effects of showrooming.

Two Quizzes

“What’s My Personality Style?” Quiz

Looking for how to manage or motivate your sales team? When you know what each team members’ dominant personality is, you can get the right people into the right job in a way they feel able to give their best.


“Should I Fire This Employee?” Quiz

Are you wrestling with deciding whether you should fire an employee?  Wondering how to tell if someone is about to quit? Looking to really know your true thoughts about an employee? Don’t let it take up more of your time, just answer a few questions and I’ll give you some clear direction.



Two More Retail Sales Resources

The Retail Doctor’s Retail Sales Blog

Published several times a week with commentary, retail selling tips, marketing trends and issues facing retailers, franchises, restaurants, the Retail Doctor’s blog is the tool thousands use to improve their business. Signup today and don’t miss a single post!


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