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How To Reach Retail Customers In Spite Of Their Cocoons

Bob Phibbs

Let’s admit it, we are now a society of individual planets.

We’ve created our own worlds by letting in just what we want to…

Trump smackdown videos...yes




People who like X...yes

People who believe in

We have surrounded ourselves with images, content, and opinions to protect ourselves from the fear of the outside world.

Actually, we haven’t created worlds as much as we have created cocoons.

With every new friend we add, video we share or product we like, the web shapes itself more closely around our cocoon.

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How To Engage Retail Customers Begins With A Wow Moment

Bob Phibbs

For retail customers to let down their guard, share their desires, and get over their fears of purchasing, you must get them involved...

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3 Deadly Traits That Kill Your Efforts To Attract and Keep Customers

Bob Phibbs

Some of the most popular questions people have for me after they join my newsletter are:

How do I get more customers in my store?

How do I increase my sales? 

How can I sell more?

I get it.  Traffic to stores and malls are down, and while you might be tempted to haul out that old losers limp They’re all buying online, don’t.

The fact is 85% of the shopping that is to be done for the foreseeable future according to McKinsey will be in brick and mortar stores. 

According to TimeTrade, as much as mobile shopping is hyped, the reality is mobile purchasing is slow to grow; only 13% of respondents have previously made a purchase using a mobile device. 

So if the endless aisles of online aren’t the culprit to lower store sales, what is?

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11 Ways Your Retail Employees Convert Buyers Into Lookers And Sabotage Your Sales

Bob Phibbs

We’ve heard the drumbeat for awhile now, traffic is down in brick and mortar retail stores. The browsing is now done prior, online.

So when someone actually walks through your doors having left Amazon and the rest behind, they are more likely to buy.

Although you can’t turn all lookers into buyers, I’ll bet the behaviors of your untrained retail employees is actually turning buyers back into lookers.

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Retailers, Take These 9 Actions In Summer For Successful Winter Holiday Sales

Bob Phibbs

Christmas in July...or August. We’ve all heard the phrase.

It’s summer and a lot of retailers are thinking about what they will do differently for the upcoming holidays.

In a media world itching to say how expectations are soft for retail sales this shopping season, you might be worried, and that’s definitely understandable. You can easily drown in a sea of worry.

But you’re reading this post so take heart!

Here are my top nine actions you need to take to have a successful holiday season in 2015.

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How To Use Video To Engage Retail Customers

Bob Phibbs

A lot is being written about how to engage retail customers in stores. That’s because there is a lot of interest in technology including apps, kiosks and digital media to get customers to do something.

This post isn’t about that…

This post is about how you can use three different platforms to engage your current customers, attract new customers, and nurture your tribe of followers.

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How The Best Training Solution For Your Retail Brand Might Be An Online Campus

Bob Phibbs

For a small retail shop, it can be fairly easy to train employees because you see them every day.

For a multi-store organization, that just isn’t going to happen.

In-house solutions are time consuming to create and usually get so diluted by internal bureaucracy and corrupted by people who have never sold anything that most end up failing to serve their intended purpose.

If you once had an in-house training program, all you have left now are probably useless dusty manuals, old video tapes, and boring classroom sessions that have Millennials pecking away at their phones within minutes.

No wonder so many retailers have let their training departments wither away...

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How To Increase Retail Sales KPIs: Ditch Being Passive

Bob Phibbs

A quick walk through the mall shows retailers are trying to increase revenues with some fairly dramatic sales this summer.  

But sales can hide the cause of death of many stores...passive employees.

Let me explain…

Selling a bunch of merchandise for a loss, even if it generates revenues, often is the result of passive selling.

It takes the active selling of merchandise for it to get full price.

But because your employees weren’t active and didn’t sell the merchandise, the product had to be marked down.

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7 Ways Facebook Can Attract Customers To Your Retail Business [pics]

Bob Phibbs

Retailers, there is a good chance that many of your brick and mortar customers and prospective customers are online.

Not online to buy primarily, but online via social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to belong.

You know that because you’re on FB too.

You are on Facebook, right?

If not, you’re missing the boat.

Big time.

Social media offers an easy way to reach and influence your own unique niche customer base. But managing your social media presence might lead you to do some bad things …

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3 Ideas To Steal And Grow Your Retail Business Without Spending Money

Bob Phibbs

Retailers are tripping all over each other trying to knock themselves off and create low-priced versions of themselves. Whether it’s J.Crew’s recent announcement, Macy’s, or GAP Factory they’re all struggling with how to grow their business. 

Attracting discount, value shoppers is their bold vision.

This is not where successful retailing is heading and, as is often the case, the independent shops are showing how to do it right.

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