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How to Increase Retail Sales – Three Tips

Bob Phibbs

In some ways, brick and mortar retailers have a finite client base. After all, there are only so many people who can walk into the store on a given day.

While marketing can certainly impact that number, your focus can’t be just about attracting new customers. In fact, if you’ve felt meeting your retail sales projections depends solely on the number of shoppers who show up at your door, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.


Because you probably aren’t maximizing the shoppers who already come into your store.

You’re probably not consistently moving them from a browser to a customer who purchases from you that day.

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I Said, Some People Are Born Gay, Lost A Reader and I'm Fine With It

Bob Phibbs

I lost a reader today because I included the following sentence…

…”It implies being a good salesperson is something you are born with, like being left-handed, or double-jointed or being gay.”

How do I know I lost them?

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Rewarding Customer Loyalty Without Sacrificing Retail Profits

Bob Phibbs

Luxury shoppers like special, in-person treatment during their shopping experiences.

That’s why they prefer brick and mortar stores to online shopping - it’s hard to get a meaningful interpersonal experience from a web browser or app.

Standing on the sales floor, luxury shoppers can enjoy being the center of attention and revel in the overall shopping experience.

The goal for brick and mortar stores should be to create an in-store experience that makes these high-end shoppers want to return again and again.

Often in pursuit of this goal, retailers employ customer loyalty programs. These programs are designed to provide exclusive incentives to shoppers who meet minimum standards for spending, store visits, or other criteria.

The question that has to be asked is, are they likely to be profitable?

If a retailers’ margins aren’t high enough, they aren’t.

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Every Retail Customer Has A Holiday Story - This Is Mine

Bob Phibbs

I always wanted to be the great uncle. You know, the one who really made something special for a kid during the holidays.

Probably because I didn’t have someone like that and I wanted to reparent myself.

One Christmas, knowing how my nephew Matt and his sister had watched the X-Files religiously, I purchased an original script from the X-Files at a silent auction.

Figuring it needed some type of toy for a 5-year old, we tied a green slide whistle to the bow. When Matt saw the whistle, he tried to get it off but it was tied so tightly, he couldn’t.  Somehow, someone said, “Does anybody have a knife?”

Matt put the tip of the knife blade in the middle of the knot and pulled.  The knife slipped and cut his index finger badly.

His parents took him to the emergency room where he had several stitches to repair his finger and spent most of the day.  We had our dinner and then we drove to the hospital where we were able to see Matt.  He said, “I’m sorry I ruined Christmas.”

“Don’t worry about it, I said. “You’ll be fine,” And with that, he threw up.

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National Retail Federation - Why Didn’t You Wait For The Facts?

Bob Phibbs

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What Makes a Good Retail Sales Training Program?

Bob Phibbs

Retailers, especially those who have a large number of employees, often wonder what makes a good retail sales training program and what they should be paying for one.

This is especially true if those employees are in far-flung locations which naturally raises concern about its cost and effectiveness. To address these concerns, we’ll discuss the elements of a good retail sales training program, the costs of those programs, and what it’s costing you to NOT use the right program.

Elements of a Good Retail Sales Training Program

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Selling In A Retail Store: Can You Be A Natural Born Salesperson?

Bob Phibbs

He’s a natural born salesman.

When I hear that phrase, it is often being used as a dig. 

It implies being a good salesperson is something you are born with, like being left-handed, or double-jointed or being gay.

It implies you either have it or you don’t. 

That selling is a talent.

It’s something you don’t have to work at.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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7 Tips For Higher Retail Holiday Sales Using Email and Social Media

Bob Phibbs

The four weeks prior to Christmas are when all hands are on deck in a retail store.

Results from all of your buying trips, all of your meetings with vendors, and from all of your early buys mean merchandise is going to be arriving several times a day.

All of your training – or lack thereof – will be on full display to thousands of new customers.

All of your personal skills at remaining calm, positive and encouraging will be needed to get the most out of this most wonderful time of the year.

All of your efforts to get people into your database, to like you on Facebook or to follow your updates now come to your rescue.

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How Retail Employees Can Maintain Their Sanity During The Holidays

Bob Phibbs


The days prior to Thanksgiving are the calm before the storm.  Your seasoned retail employees know what is in store, your newbies have no idea.

While TV and movies love to show a guy like this with a beer after working in a store during Christmastime, there are many things an employee can proactively do to bolster their own sanity. Quite simply this time of the year doesn't have to suck.

15 Holiday Tips For Anyone Who Works Retail:

1. Get your own shopping done early. You won’t have the time or inclination to walk around the mall to try to buy something – you’ll just want to get home or get as far away from a store as you can. No one will blame you.

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How To Make Sure Your Holiday Retail Sales Are Up

Bob Phibbs

I purchased a turkey mask the other day.

A silly gag item I discovered while browsing at Nordstrom in Las Vegas. Yes, that Nordstrom.

I met a wonderful young woman in their popup department who, when I spotted the turkey mask, immediately said, “Yep, it’s a turkey mask and our last one.”

During our exchange, I told her I had nephews and nieces coming for Thanksgiving, she agreed it was perfect for us. A few more laughs later and I'd purchaed a silly $30 mask for a sight gag.

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