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Are Your Retail Sales Techniques Killing Conversion Rates By Making Customers Wary?

Bob Phibbs

My client in Houston had ordered a town car to bring me to their office; a nice luxury perk. As he navigated the freeways, the driver quickly changed lanes as he cut in and out of traffic. 

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Logic Is Sinking Your Retail Sales. Here’s How To Counter It.

Bob Phibbs

I was interviewed this past week, and the host went on and on about how wonderful he thought the Apple store experience was. He held Apple up as his holy grail of how to sell.

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Bed Bath and Beyond’s Coupon Marketing Problems Are Yours Too Retailers

Bob Phibbs

Coupons so hot you can buy them on Ebay...

20% off coupons that don’t ever expire according to BuzzFeed.

A coupon culture so out of control, users teach others how to game the system, “If they don’t give it to you, just say, ‘OK no problem. I just won’t buy it here.’ Chances are, they will want your business and will do whatever it takes to work with you.  I even saw managers allowing customers to negotiate a price on a clearance item!”

Who am I talking about? Bed Bath & Beyond.

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How Retailers and Restaurateurs Can Use AMEX Small Business Saturday 2015 Marketing To #ShopLocal

Bob Phibbs

Looking for a strong way to promote your business and how to attract customers? Are you an AMEX cardmember looking for what’s different this year? Read on...

Now in it’s fifth year, American Express’ Small Business Saturday has become a marketing powerhouse for retailers and restaurants of all sizes.

Held the day after Black Friday, November 28, 2015, Small Business Saturday is one of the most trafficked shopping weekends of the year.

In 2014, customers spent an estimated 14.3 billion at small independent businesses on that day. #Shopsmall, its hashtag, was the highest trending topic across social media that day.

And yet, I continue to discover many indie retailers who do absolutely nothing to connect to Small Business Saturday.

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How To Navigate The Complex Retail Sale And Increase Your Conversion Rate In Four Steps

Bob Phibbs

Do you ask a wall of questions before ever getting a customer excited about the possibilities in what you sell?

If so, I’ll bet it is affecting your conversion rate (the number of people you encounter divided by the number of times they purchased).

Such was the case when I went into a flooring retailer…

Me: I’m looking for a new wood floor.

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, conversion rate

Stop Trying To Speedily Close The Sale. Slow Down When Selling Retail Or You’re Toast

Bob Phibbs

Steve was a very good salesman.

He had enthusiasm; he had product knowledge, and he had a swagger to his presentations.  

He wanted to help as many people as possible  - to get ‘em in and quickly get ‘em out when closing a sale, so he could then go onto the next customer.

About half the shoppers who encountered him thought he was fun and a bit outrageous.

But he had a finite time he’d given himself to wait on someone. If the customer wanted to bond a bit and enjoy his company...dicey.

Once their allotted time was up, Steve would try to close the sale before the customer had been convinced of the worth of the item with some of those awful closing techniques.

Remember these 60’s closing techniques?

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, selling, closing techniques, close the sale

Should You Decorate Your Retail Store For The Holidays? If So, How? [Pics]

Bob Phibbs

Retailers looking for answers on whether or how to decorate their stores can come up empty. This post answers the question with examples. And while many people will read this with only Christmas decorating in mind, it is  just as relevant for Halloween and other seasonal celebrations.

Various seasonal times and holidays can inspire retailers to create magic for their customers.  And decorations go far beyond a demonstration of a new skillet or an invitation-only event.

Decorating a store goes to the heart of what makes great retailing…

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Topics: Retail Holiday Sales, Retail, visual merchandising

Retail Sales Training: Is Your Body Language Telling Customers To Go Away? 9 Ways To Improve Your Non-Verbal Skills

Bob Phibbs

Looking for how non-verbal communication impacts sales? Your body language sends wordless cues long before you try to close a sale.

I was headed home across the LA freeways at 2:30am to my home.  Dog-tired and just one exit shy of my offramp, I saw flashing red lights behind me.

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Topics: Retail Sales Training, selling skills

7 Ways You’re Missing Getting Retail Customers In the Door

Bob Phibbs

Graham, a friend of mine went to a local electronics store to buy a microphone. The young sales associate took him to the microphones and then stood there silently hovering over him.

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Sales Training, Attract customers

The One Reason Customers Aren’t Returning To Retail Stores

Bob Phibbs

Let’s stop kidding each other and be honest…

When a customers' experience in your store was crappy, they won’t be back.

And let’s put a finer point on it… when shoppers don’t return, it's because of your employees.

And that is employees at both ends of the spectrum.

They either have been around so long and know too much that they can come off elitist, judging, disinterested and intimidating, or they’re so new that they know too little and can come off as ignorant.

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Topics: Customer Service, Retail Sales Training, Attract customers

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