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Retail Podcast 413: Ben Rodier on Relationship Building with Clienteling

Bob Phibbs interviewed Ben Rodier, CCO at Salesfloor. In this episode Bob and Ben discussed how clienteling is growing and how brick and mortar...

Retail Podcast 412: Paco Underhill Reinventing the Retail Experience

Bob Phibbs interviewed Paco Underhill, CEO of Envirosell, Inc. and New York Times best selling author. In this episode Bob and Paco talked about...

Retail Podcast 411: Nikki Baird on Reopening Safely and Sanely

Bob Phibbs interviewed Nikki Baird, VP of Retail Innovation at Aptos Retail. In this episode Bob and Nikki talked about the state of retail and...

Retail Podcast 410: Derek O'Carroll Creating a Retail Culture

Bob Phibbs interviewed Derek O'Carroll, CEO of Brightpearl. In this episode Bob and Derek talked about how retail winners are creating culture.

Retail Podcast 409: Richard Shapiro on Creating Human Connection

Bob Phibbs interviewed Richard Shapiro, founder and president of The Center for Client Retention. In this episode Bob and Rich talked about...

Retail Podcast 408: Neil Abramson on All Things Resale

Bob Phibbs interviewed Neil Abramson, Chief Financial Officer & Strategist of ECI Stores. In this episode, Bob and Neil talked about the unique...

Retail Podcast 407: Shlomo Chopp Bridging the e-Commerce to Retail Storefront Gap

Bob Phibbs interviewed Shlomo Chopp, founder and CEO of Shop Fulfill. In this episode Bob and Shlomo talked about growing the direct to consumer...

Retail Podcast 406: Jacyn Heavens Regional Differences in Retail

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jacyn Heavens, founder and CEO of Epos Now. In this episode Bob and Jacyn talked about diversifying and curating a unique...

Retail Podcast 405: Dan Hodges on the Design of Experience Retail

Bob Phibbs interviewed Dan Hodges, CEO and Founder of Retail Store Tours. In this episode, Bob and Dan talked about implementing habits predictive...

Retail Podcast 404: Danielle Ewert Attaining Transparency with POS

Bob Phibbs interviewed Danielle Ewert, Senior Manager of Onboarding and Training at Springboard Retail. In this episode Bob and Danielle talked...

Retail Podcast 403: Lauren McGuire on How We Experience Sound in Retail

Bob Phibbs interviewed Lauren McGuire, president of Man Made Music. In this episode Bob and Lauren talked about the sonic aspects of retail. 

Retail Podcast 402: Carol Leaman with Axonify Playing Games Leads to Better Employee Learning

Bob Phibbs interviewed Carol Leaman, CEO of Axonify. In this episode Bob and Carol talked about corporate learning through gamification. 

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