Retail Podcast 908: Jon Nordmark Cool Ways Retailers Use AI

Jon Nordmark,

Bob Phibbs interviewed Jon Nordmark, Co-Founder and CEO of, about AI revolutionizing retail - and more - on this episode of Tell Me Something Good About Retail.

Jon Nordmark

Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Jon Nordmark Cool Ways Retailers Use AI



Jon Nordmark of - Colorado Technolgy Association's Company of the Year - discusses how generative AI could revolutionize retail 🛒!

He shares key lessons from founding in the 90s and stresses the importance of listening to employees. Nordmark explains practical ways AI can help with staffing, inventory, and more. He also predicts the future of private company AI models, lower costs, and smarter products.

These insights from an industry pioneer are essential to stay ahead of tech trends.

Jon Nordmark

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