Retail Podcast 308: Bob Phibbs on what a retailer really needs to do to compete with online retailers

Bob Phibbs talks about what a retailer really needs to do to compete with online retailers and adopting the right mindset. 

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Bob Phibbs on what a retailer really needs to do to compete with online retailers


Adopting The Right Mindset

This week, we have something a little different. I wanted to showcase a Q&A from my Facebook live stream. 

This is something I do every Sunday and is a great opportunity to hear what I have to say to the specific questions that you have. I can give you direct feedback, show you something that you’re missing, and help you find the right path to success with your retail business.

In this live stream, I was noticing some patterns in the questions all centered around one thing.

A problem with mindset.

No Excuses

“Why won’t my customer do X.” “My customers don’t seem to understand.” “X, Y, and Z are stopping customers from coming into my store.”

If this sounds like one of your business problems, you are focusing on the wrong thing. You know why? Because the customer does not owe you anything.

In this Q&A, I had two questions emphasize this. One shop was having issues bringing people in because people in her town believed “that the shops downtown are all overpriced and only for tourists.” Another shop had issues with people coming to their shop during Packers’ games.

Retailers, this is simple. If your store is offering enough value, customers will come. You are going to overshadow that perception “that the downtown shops are overpriced.” People who value your store’s experience over a sports game will show up and buy from you.

So think out of the box.

Find out what your customers want. Have a total redesign of the store. Repaint everything, retrain your staff, and be unique. Have a special event for people who are not as into the football games, like a book club or wine tasting or anything. Give the customers an experience that makes them connect with you and want to come back.

This is what you need to focus on. I had another question that asked how they should “spend  $2,000 [on] marketing in the next 6 months.” I am telling you right now, that will do almost nothing for your business. You would see much better returns from my SalesRX program, so you could learn how to craft those unique experiences and connect with your customers. 

Bring Positivity Into The World

So yes, on this episode I get a little revved up, but I tell it like it is.

However, I wanted to touch on something I talked about at the beginning of the live stream, and that is positivity. 

Every day as a retailer you are interacting with people. They are people with their own hopes and dreams, and their own fears and challenges. They all have their own story, and you have an opportunity to make an impact on their day and make it just a bit better. 

And this is more than just feeling good about yourself. If you cannot make that positive impact that connects with them personally, you’re not going to make that sale and you certainly won’t help them remember you.

If you can’t adopt this mindset of bringing hope and positivity to the world, you might as well get off the sales floor now.

That’s just some highlights from the live stream, so be sure to listen to the whole thing. You can find the rest of the Q&As and join my next Facebook live stream by following my Facebook page.

Bob Phibbs Headshot 2019

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