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The Retail Doctor's FREE Retail Assessment Tool

Where does your store excel and what do you need to fix? Find out where you stand against best practices in retail sales training, marketing, social media & more with The Retail Doctor's Retail Assessment Tool .

This isn't your typical online quiz. It's a comprehensive set of questions that I've designed specifically to help brick-and-mortar owners clearly and easily understand their strengths and challenges. It is not something for individuals.

This questionnaire includes 80 yes/no statements and will take under five minutes to complete. Use your honest opinion—there are no right or wrong answers. For each statement, choose the answer that best describes you or your business.

Note: All questions require you to click either yes or no as your answer to obtain your final result.

By investing your time into this tool you will discover strengths you weren't aware of, and gaps you need to fill, by hiring new personnel or with solid retail sales training. Some things you will just disregard. I get it, you don't need a perfect score to excel in this business.

Answer these questions, and you will:  

  • Uncover your hidden retail strengths, and discover areas in which you could improve.
  • Get the solid foundation upon which you need to build your thriving retail business.
  • Receive resources relevant to the areas in which you could improve, tailored just for you.

Sound Good? Let's Go. Simply fill out the form to get started.