The Retail Doctor's Guide To Growing Your Business

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Let's face it, having a new book out next week from a major publisher is a big thing for me but probably not so much for you.

"There's no denying that retailers have taken a beating lately. But the smart ones find a way to stop the bleeding and start looking ahead for new opportunities. With his plainspoken style and real-world anecdotes, Phibbs gets back to basics and provides a helpful guide for entrepreneurs determined to position themselves for the next big upswing." -Rod Kurtz Sr. Editor, Inc. Magazine

In planning The Retail Doctor’s Guide To Growing Your Business, I listened to readers of my popular first book, You Can Compete, who said they wanted updated information on how to use the Internet to boost sales as well as how to look at financials to truly gauge success. If you've heard me speak in the past year about social media, this is the book that covers it all in Chapter 7.

Like Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, this book has definite ideas of what you should be doing and what you should avoid doing. Known for my concrete advice and accessible style, you'll receive insights that can be immediately applied by any reader.

Although I've been known for my work in retail, the target audience for this book is any small business owner who is nervous in today’s economic climate.