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Personality Test: Are You A Driver, Expressive, Analytical or Amiable?

You're obviously looking for my social styles personality test and luckily you found it.

How You Can Tell When A Retail Employee Is Going To Quit

Retailers often fear an employee quitting because it will come at the worst time: before a sale, during the busy period or right when they start a...

4 Tips How To Avoid Overbuying Merchandise For Your Retail Store

This post is for retail buyers but here's a question for you: Do you know what makes a Rolls Royce a Rolls Royce?

Customer Service How To Avert A Driver Personality Style Blow Up

Wondering how to avoid a Driver personality getting in your face?

Your First Holiday Season As A Retail Manager

Taking on retail manager responsibilities is a big job any time but especially during the holidays.

Retail Sales Skills: Employees Have To Want To Connect

Looking for why it is important for employees to connect? Read on...

9 Common Mistakes That Can Doom Your Retail Business

Have you ever gone to visit one of your favorite retailers only to discover an empty store with a For Lease sign posted in the window?  

I’ve read...

11 Benefits of Mystery Shops For Retailers

Have you heard of the runaway success of the burger franchise Five Guys?

What's one of the big reasons Five Guys is wildly successful? They send...

Retail Sales Management Rewards: Buy Your Way Out of the Chores

Last night I saw the film, the Hobart Shakespeareans. It is a documentary about an extraordinary elementary school in Los Angeles and the teacher...

Thank You In Business: Add This To Make It Meaningful

Using a thank you in business is more than just those two words.

7 Critical Things Your Retail Employees Won’t Tell You

One of my earliest retail consulting clients was a coffee house.

One day I noticed the tip jar had $5 and $10 bills in it.

While one could...

Millennials: Here’s What It Will Take For Them To Succeed In Retail

In the Wall Street Journal article, What’s Wrong With the Teenage Mind? Alison Gopnik takes an in-depth look at two trends affecting the...

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