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10 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your Store For The Holidays

Wondering how to prepare your store for the holidays?

Retail Holiday Sales: How To Help Men Buy Like A Hero

It’s the day before Christmas Eve. I love this time as a retailer.

All the planners have purchased - with their lists of must have items that...

Holiday Shopping: 9 Tips To Get Last Minute Shoppers To Spend  More In Your Brick And Mortar Store

How can brick and mortar retailers compete against online retailers to get their fair share of holiday shopping? There is one simple advantage...

How To Leverage The Weather To Market Your Store And Grow Your Retail Holiday Sales

How does weather affect retail sales?

How Retail Employees Can Maintain Their Sanity During The Holidays


The first week of December can be the calm before the storm.  Your seasoned retail employees know what is in store, your newbies have no idea.

How Brick And Mortar Stores Can Win Against Online Retailers This Holiday

Many news outlets scrambled over the weekend to pull together every fact they could to show the retail apocalypse – a story that seems to continue...

How To Prepare Your Store For Black Friday And Strong Holiday Retail Sales

There will be five Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Maybe that's why the National Retail Federation expects holiday retail...

7 Ways How To Grow Your Retail Sales The Week After Christmas

After Christmas Day is over, retailers may find themselves wanting to rest.

But you can't.

You have one mission: to minimize returns to grow your...

Purchasing An Alien For Christmas Showed Why Brick And Mortar Retailing Matters

I always wanted to be the great uncle. You know, the one who really made something special for a kid during the holidays.

Probably because I...

How To Leverage Employee Personality Styles And Increase Your Retail Holiday Sales

Why are children always excited and happy around Christmas or Hanukkah?

How To Improve Your Marketing To Increase Retail Sales During December

It’s the beginning of the holiday season and retailers are all over the map with their holiday retail sales figures.

Some are reporting large...

1 Thing To Do Before Thanksgiving To Have Higher Retail Holiday Sales

Holiday retail sales crunch time is days - not weeks - away.  Twenty-three years ago today I was planning the most important last minute detail -...

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