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How to Have a Retail Sales Year You're Not Ashamed Of - Six Steps

Bob Phibbs

The close of another year is upon us. For some, it was record-breakingly good.

One thing that is true across the board, this was a year fraught with ups and downs -from higher prices, from employees feeling more confident about leaving for something better, political crisises around the globe and yes, from Amazon.

Did you miss some opportunities? I know I did.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Mindset, goal

Retailers, After This Election, We Need A Reset Button For America

Bob Phibbs

For the past year, we have had an anxious cloud form over us because of the Presidential campaign.

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Topics: Retail Sales, Motivation, Mindset

How To Drive Retail Sales When Consumer Spending Is Stuck In Neutral

Bob Phibbs

I was interviewed by AP this past week about how consumer spending is stuck in neutral at just 0.1 percent and how retail stores of all sizes are feeling the pain. 

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Topics: Retail Sales, Mindset, Retail Sales Training

How To Find Self Motivation?  Get Leverage On Yourself

Bob Phibbs

Looking for how to find your own self motivation? You first neet to find leverage on yourself.

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Topics: Motivation, Mindset

3 Ideas To Steal And Grow Your Retail Business Without Spending Money

Bob Phibbs

Retailers are tripping all over each other trying to knock themselves off and create low-priced versions of themselves. Whether it’s J.Crew’s recent announcement, Macy’s, or GAP Factory they’re all struggling with how to grow their business. 

Attracting discount, value shoppers is their bold vision.

This is not where successful retailing is heading and, as is often the case, the independent shops are showing how to do it right.

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Topics: Mindset, Retail, small business owners

Retailers: Remove "I’m So Busy" From Your Vocabulary

Bob Phibbs

When well-meaning friends ask how you are, do you answer, “I’m so busy,” and then drone on?

Have you tweeted how “buried” you are…

Posted how “slammed” your business is…

Told a well-meaning friend who wants to connect, “I am so busy…” then dumped all your projects onto them so that your friend’s only response is to say, “I’m sorry?”

I would suggest that conversations like these imply that it sucks to be you, and that these types of conversations don’t serve you well.

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Topics: Motivation, Mindset, Retail

Retail Sales Mindset: How You Can Be Walking Away From Last Year A Winner

Bob Phibbs

It started at a managers' retail sales meeting with my answer, “Our employees.”

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Topics: Retail Sales, Mindset

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