Retailers, Embrace a More Balanced and Productive Outlook


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When well-meaning friends ask how you are, do you answer, “I’m so busy,” and then drone on?

Have you tweeted how “buried” you are…

Posted how “slammed” your business is…

Told a well-meaning friend who wants to connect, “I am so overwhelmed…” then dumped all your projects onto them so that your friend’s only response is to say, “I’m sorry?”

I would suggest that conversations like these imply that it sucks to be you, and that these types of conversations don’t serve you well.

We all need to change the language we use around others.

We need to proactively gain control over our own voices.

And then teach that skill to those who work for us.

Here’s what to do…

Instead of passively saying you are so busy, proactively say what you’ve been doing in a positive way.

Otherwise, we, the listener, lose the essence of you in the dumping processand want to run.

Don’t use the voice of a passive employee, implying you are strained to the max and unable to do anything. Don’t imply you don’t have time to go out to dinner, get a report done on time, help the other person, whatever.  Your helplessness turns them off, and the listener becomes a prisoner to your misery.

Instead, actively own what you are doing and choose to stay in the moment with the person you are talking to. Now your voice says I’m so busy, but I’m enjoying it - even though I’m frazzled. Your friend sees you as excited and happy, and a lively conversation happens between the two of you.

They become part of the conversation instead of your audience.

When you are busy - and I hope you are - you are surrounded by abundance - customers are buying, you’re hiring new people, promotions are delivering - you are alive.

My point

It's easy to play one-upmanship with how busy you are.

I have news for one wants to hear it.

We want to hear something positive because we are all slammed with a new project, store, or baby.

We are all busy.

Whether you are a salesperson, a manager, or a C-level executive, you choose the attitude you want to have.

And the words you use to tell others about how you are doing can raise you up and move forward or rob your power and push you down.

So be busy.

But don’t make it your calling card.