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5 Employee Behaviors Stunting Your Ability To Increase Your Retail Conversion Rate

While a lot of people moan about fewer people going to the mall, what really matters is improving conversion rates of those who just enter your...

5 Ways To Develop Top Managers In Your Store

I was talking to a frustrated CEO last week. Their number one store was failing and he felt it was the manager’s fault.

How To Get Customers Onto Your Loyalty Program? Don’t Do It Like Victoria’s Secret Does

A friend of mine went to Victoria's Secret recently and shared this story.

Are Your Employees Building Up Your Online Store While Sabotaging Your Margins?

A lot of attention is being given to how online retail is growing. But what if that growth isn't coming entirely from consumer demand, but...

How To Determine If Your Employee Scheduling Is Too Lean

Most every retailer's looks at their employee scheduling as their most expensive operating cost.

9 Ways How To Re-Energize Your Brand With A New Retail Sales Strategy

Imagine that you’ve just stepped into a retail business that has been operating at a loss for over a decade.A retail business that is careening...

How To Get Employee Sales Training To Stick Like Gum To The Sidewalk On A Hot Summer Day

Shoppers respond to a human trusted advisor more deeply than to any webpage.

How Many Hours Should You Invest In Retail Sales Training?

People often ask me, “How many hours does it take for retail sales training?”

Retail Business Owners, Would You Fire You?

If you own a business, you have had to terminate employees. You had assessed their behaviors and found them taking more away than adding to your...

5 Critical Skills How To Coach Retail Salespeople

The opportunities for coaching retail employees are huge and exemplified in this brief story...

How To Get Long Term Retail Employees To Unlearn Bad Selling Habits

There’s an old adage that goes something like you can’t put new ideas into a full bottle; you need to empty it to make way for the new. To do that...

What the Upcoming Elections Mean for Business and Your Retail Training

If you live in the United States, you are no doubt aware that there is a presidential election going on. (If you live outside the United States, I...

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