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Retailers: How To Sell to Men During the Holidays

By Bob Phibbs

selling to menIf you're a retailer, you've read in the media about how customers only want a deal or to haggle when shopping a retail store.

That's not necessarily reality - especially when selling to men and why it makes such a fascinating subject for retailers. I wrote this blog to help you sell to men the week before Christmas. Why so late?

Many men don't even consider going Christmas shopping until the weekend before.

Malls are practically fueled by testosterone on Christmas Eve.

The secret to selling to men is to realize – they just want to be a hero.

Here are a few tips to help you sell to men this holiday season.

First, understand this about your male customers:

  • You’re basically dealing with a boy discovering your merchandise for the first time.
  • Men often select a higher priced or luxury item to show how much love they have for the recipient.
  • Men are treating themselves when they splurge on someone else, they love the look of approval.
  • Above all, men hate shopping, its not a thrill – its a chore.

Help men buy from you by getting them to laugh so they can acknowledge they want your help to begin with.

Engage men with great signage ...

Are you a toy store? Consider a sign over the most expensive toy that reads, Yes, you can buy their love.

If you are a jewelry store put up a sign over your biggest ring, Of course she'll say yes.

If you are an apparel store it might be, Always buy smaller if you want her to still love you Christmas morning.

If your retail male customer skewed a bit younger, you might say, Don't be cheap, get the deluxe model.

Get the idea?

Sure you can suggest gift cards but they don't make a guy feel special.

8 tips how to sell to male customers:

  • Don’t leave us alone – we’ll walk.
  • Don’t follow us around or you’ll spook us; check-in every few minutes by pointing something out about what we’re looking at.
  • If you wrap, let us know that up front – it makes a difference.
  • Acknowledge your return policies right away – make it safe for us to buy.
  • When we trust you and pick something out to buy ask, “Who else is on your list?” Men only want to do this chore once.
  • Give men two or three options; don’t expect them to know what they want.
  • If a guy can’t decide between a couple items, suggest he purchase the best item and return it if he changes his mind before giving. That way he’ll at least have something. Remind him that otherwise he’ll have to return to the chore of the mall again and worse – might lose out because the perfect item could be gone.
  • If you’re an apparel store, don’t make a big deal if the guy doesn't know the size of his wife, girlfriend, buddy or child. Instead ask him to point out someone in the store about their size. Remind guys it can all be returned.

And don't ask for a budget or you'll allow guys to limit their spending, dumb-down their choices and you'll lose out on the splurge buy only a hero can make happen.

Selling to men is fun during the holidays, make it so and they'll buy more from you. And don't forget there are other holidays like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine's Day when these retail tips would also be appropriate to help you close more sales.

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