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luxury retail tips
luxury retail tipsHas demand dried up for luxury brands? 

If you are selling to the luxury crowd, do you find yourself offering discounts to close the sale or to get customers in?

Can your retail salespeople only sell with a calculator to figure the discount?

Then you might as well be gone.

Personal luxury brands offer one thing. Provide shortcuts for buyers’ time.

The wine market is supposed to grow exponentially over the next 10 years. True, there are some customers who will educate themselves by trying various wines or bragging about their two-buck-chuck to show how “smart” they are. There are others that will read the books, go online, watch the videos, etc.

But for the true luxury customer – that’s what they trust you’ll do for them.

At the upper end, busy people pay for someone else to do the work.

Now, I’m not talking a roofer or a plumber. I’m talking about a professional who can be trusted to make all the choices in how their clients dress, select the right gift, the right décor, the right house, you name it.

But you’ll never attract those luxury retail customers if you look or sound cheap.

Will those luxury brands shoppers respond to a Loehmann's discount department store basement sale?


But true luxury customers appreciate the finer things in life, including the people they meet who will help them make sense of an increasingly chatter-filled world. They subscribe to the Robb Report, not just walk past it in a bookstore.

When the number of people walking in your door diminishes, you need to do something. Especially if you're a luxury brand or a boutique that sells them.

And let's face it, retail customer traffic counts are not increasing due to the popularity of online shopping.

You as a brick and mortar retailer need to change what you’re doing; you need to know your employees know how to sell.

That’s why I’ve created; it's training that's trackable, certifiable and works!

In case you missed part one of this series: Selling Luxury Products Without A Discount

In Sum

So many luxury retailers hang their hats on product knowledge and story. But your employees won't be able to tell anyone your story if they have no idea how to engage a stranger. Especially if the shopper has means that your employees do not.

To sell luxury, you have to truly provide a different experience - a better experience - an exceptional experience - than a chain or department store. 

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